Westconnex revised plans for The Crescent and Victoria Rd

  • Westconn have submitted a Modified Proposal for The Crescent and Victoria Rd. It changes bike access to Anzac Bridge quite dramatically, and also to Glebe foreshore. The intersection with Johnston St is also totally changed. 

Still waiting for information on how Lilyfield Rd cyclists will get to Anzac Bridge once the Victoria Rd footbridge goes in early 2020. Best guess is being rerouted via Catherine/Brenan/ Railway Pde to The Crescent. 

[Edited Oct] - detour arrangements now out. See link in comments section.

Edit- new link to the modified project.


Chapters 4 and 6 have diagrams 

more here, see Local Updates,


in particular, the Community Guide to The Crescent overpass


From Jamie Parker’s submission guide:
Attention: Director, Transport Assessments Planning Services Department of Planning, Industry and Environment GPO Box 39
Sydney, NSW 2001
The submissions should state the application number SSI 7485.

[edit- submissions now closed, awaiting decision]

 info@rozelleinterchange.com.au. Please CC in our office on balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

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Cars backing up every afternoon now on Lilyfield Rd, due to Westconnex enabling works. Seems that a lot of it is tradies knocking off from the site at Gordon St, but also due to utility connection work near Catherine St. Drivers are trying to avoid the jam by ducking up side streets, and then speeding along without much thought to kids coming home etc.

I avoid Lilyfield rd commuting home now - too many aggro tradies, trucks and masses of debris  in the cycle lane. 

Latest artists impression of the Railyards, from the SMH. Shows Lilyfield Rd on left (with car and boat parking still retained), and the new bridges across to Annandale. The bottom bridge goes to Whites Ck and Brenan St. The top bridge curls across the CWLink just beyond the tastefully done smoke stacks. A path comes off Lilyfield Rd at bottom left and wanders off in a series of bends towards the underpass of Victoria Rd and on to the Anzac Bridge in far distance. Also they have left space for a footy stadium at top left.

What happened to the IWC proposed separated cycleway on Lilyfield Rd? Been scrapped by RMS I assume? 
And a footy stadium! so much for green, open space eh. 

Council has a new consultant looking at options for the LF Rd Cycleway. Submissions just closed on a preliminary concept plan. Two basic options presented, a separated bidi much as before, with some parking loss and one way restriction off Victoria Rd, and a “keep existing with safety improvements” option. There hasn’t been a public outcry, so I’m thinking the second option might have got most support. 

If the “artists Impression” is any  guide, there will be an off road path starting near Ryan St and going to Anzac Bridge via the new parklands, so they may not want to do much on this eastern bit of LF Rd, as it wont go anywhere much once the footbridge at Victoria Rd goes (we were told early 2020) and the nearby one over CWL goes (late 2020).

Waiting on the construction phase plan for details of how cyclists will get to Anzac Bridge once the footbridges go. John Holland say they are trying very hard to get a good outcome, but delays in releasing it  suggest it is difficult. Cyclists might have to consider using other routes to the city, say via Booth St and Pyrmont Bridge Rd- will have to resurrect that campaign. 

How will riders get across Victoria Rd? 

Unless they change their minds the existing footbridges won’t be there, and you would be, in a couple or three years time, using the path in the railyards from near Ryan St or Denison St to go under Victoria Rd and come up onto the (reconstructed) bridge path via a longish ramp, details  of which havent been released. The big question is how will they manage this during the construction phase, with no footbridge and no railyard path.

I’ve floated the idea of a pedestrian/cycle crossing at Robert St. With a link from Robert St to the Anzac Bridge path in front of the old power station. That link is needed anyhow. But the crossing at Robert St could  fall down because there is a works site on corner of Hornsey St, might not be possible to use the footpath from Lilyfield Rd to opposite Robert St. So, snookered, - might have to go via some other route to the city as I suggested earlier.

They have already chopped down the trees around the Victoria overpass and this morning there were about 6 people with helmets on at the northern end looking at stuff.  Certainly looks like whatever they are going to do in the short term is about to happen

It's bloody awful going through there now.  The trees used to cut out some of the glare/noise/pollution but now it's all in your face.

Ground zero. 

Tastefully done smoke stacks :)

Latest glossy from Westconn on the unbelievable amount of tunnelling, a lot of it under my house!



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