Westconnex revised plans for The Crescent and Victoria Rd

  • Westconn have submitted a Modified Proposal for The Crescent and Victoria Rd. It changes bike access to Anzac Bridge quite dramatically, and also to Glebe foreshore. The intersection with Johnston St is also totally changed. 

Still waiting for information on how Lilyfield Rd cyclists will get to Anzac Bridge once the Victoria Rd footbridge goes in early 2020. Best guess is being rerouted via Catherine/Brenan/ Railway Pde to The Crescent. 

[Edited Oct] - detour arrangements now out. See link in comments section.

Edit- new link to the modified project.


Chapters 4 and 6 have diagrams 

more here, see Local Updates,


in particular, the Community Guide to The Crescent overpass


From Jamie Parker’s submission guide:
Attention: Director, Transport Assessments Planning Services Department of Planning, Industry and Environment GPO Box 39
Sydney, NSW 2001
The submissions should state the application number SSI 7485.

[edit- submissions now closed, awaiting decision]

 info@rozelleinterchange.com.au. Please CC in our office on balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

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How are they legally able to chop down trees in burawang (?) park when the proposed "Crescent Overpass" modification to the EIS hasn't yet been approved?

Good point.  I'm surprised that they can commence construction when the planning isn't completed

I had long since concluded that this was all 'make it up as you go' stuff. Perhaps that also includes the planning process...

Their line is that the modified EIS only applies to the flyover, which isn’t part of the tunnel access works, so the original EIS still applied to Buruwan Park, which they claim is needed to widen and line The Crescent up with Syd Harbour tunnel portals under the new park, just to the west of the smoke stacks. Why they couldn’t just shift the portals a few m east I’m not sure. 

Check the tunnel depths under houses  with this handy tool. It turns out there may only be 11 m above the “support zone” in some places, including under my house!


If anyone interested Bike Leichhardt is doing its annual Tour de Balmain on Sunday, and we will be going via the remnants of Buruwan Park, and The Crescent,  so you can inspect the works there and in the Railyard. We might have a farewell for the footbridges at Victoria Rd. Start 830 am, Bar Italia, 169 Norton. Details on Meetup.com/bike-Leichhardt.

Pity I missed that - would have been informative. Do you know is it possible to use James Craig Rd and access the ANZAC Bridge via that ramp near the soldier statue? 

Yes, just beware of trucks and Port traffic on the narrow road section under the bridge, up from the roundabout at the end of James Craig. Ramp up to bridge level has one 180 deg turn but is otherwise OK.

if this route is one of the detours when we finally learn how they are going to stage demolition of the footbridges etc while still retaining access, I’ll be asking for some improvements to safety. Eg the railings on the ramp are unprotected spikes, plus the trucks might need rerouting.

The plans for cyclist detours  around Rozelle Interchange during construction have just been released. 

If using Lilyfield Rd they are saying for cyclists to mainly detour up Gordon and use  Victoria Rd, or go via Catherine/Brenan and various routes to The Crescent and then use James Craig Dr and the ramp up to the Digger. But at one stage there will be a temporary bridge or connections on or around the road bridge, which is going to be rebuilt wider, at Victoria Rd, so other alternatives are possible, depending on what has been demolished or rebuilt. Complicated.

The route on Brenan/ Railway Pde through Buruwan Park will be open for a while but soon closed, so you’ll have to go via Hutchinson St or View St, both steep, or maybe Piper St, to Johnston St and The Crescent,  until the “land bridge” is built from the Light Rail station into the new parkland. Then comes the horseshoe bike bridge over The Crescent. 


Thanks for keeping us updated Bob! I tried taking the James Craig Dr route this morning (coming from Lilyfield Rd). It seemed OKish. The extra two traffic light crossings (at the one set of lights) would probably be my main complaint. Besides being slow, there's no cyclist signals, which means it's illegal to ride across. In rigid cycling shoes, walking is pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully they'll change it to allow cycling across before the bridge goes.

Do we know why they dismissed the option of a temporary path under Victoria Rd? I thought that's what they had in the original plans. It seems that if they let cyclists enter from Gordon St, then had a path along the Northern edge of the construction site that joined up to the Anzac bridge near the statue, that might work.

Thanks David, will add the lack of bike lights at Vic Rd to the list. Cars often encroach on the crossing too.

interesting that they have shown new lights at Catherine St, I suppose to make the right turn safer there, but you’ll still have to store somewhere safe to make the turn.

we asked for a temporary path under Vic Rd, but JH say that it is a construction area. They will be rebuilding the road bridge overhead and demolishing and then rebuilding the old shared path round the sharp corner and half way up to Anzac so I guess it isn’t possible to do a temp path, but will try to clarify next time we see them. 

im wondering what people think about detouring up Gordon to Vic Rd. It’s a bit of a climb and more cars go that way- maybe will ask that cars be detoured elsewhere. If they want to go to the City they can use the City West Link, if to Balmain they can use Evans.

Gordon st is the route for traffic to go from Lillyfield rd onto Victoria rd, it has always been busy and as you say its a climb.  For those heading towards the CBD on Lilyfield Rd perhaps an alternative is to turn right into Catherine st and left into Brenan st


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