This morning I timed my ride home from a friend's place to mine on the opposite end of Marrickville perfectly to get drenched - it was drizzling when I left her place, started pouring a few seconds after I hit the road, and stopped two minutes after I arrived home shivering and looking like a drowned rat.


- Cotton cargoes, t-shirt and hoodie are not suitable for riding the rain.
- My helmet sucks and I need a bigger one.
- Mudguards! 25+km/h means my front Marathon Plus tire sprays water forward and just high enough for the wind to throw it exactly into my face.
- I don't have knobblies anymore, and hitting even the smallest kerb at an angle, at speed, on slicks, in the rain, is a BAD IDEA. I somehow stayed upright and landed on my feet, but the insides of my thighs are bruised as all hell from the bike's attempt to buck out from under me after flicking into some sort of diagonal skid-hop freakout.
- The above resulted in my QR MTX rack sticking out sideways. The thing refuses to grip in one place on a carbon stem, and I'll be replacing it with a normal pannier rack post-haste. If someone's interested in purchasing it let me know, otherwise I'll save it for the next steel stem I own.

Right, with that whinge out of the way, what does your cold/wet cycling wardrobe look like? I'm interested in specific brands and gear you'd recommend or avoid as well as general advice. Jackets, baselayers, knicks/shorts, arm and leg warmers, shoe covers, whatever.

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Mudguards it is then! Soon as I get Ruddbombed I'm kitting out for all-weather preparedness... and maybe some silly lights if there's enough left over.
I have a Netti rain jacket too and it works great. Mine is about a size or two bigger so it will fit over my winter riding gear and sometimes whatever back pack I am wearing too. Plus it comes down longer and protects against spray from the wheels as I don't have mudguards.

Try to make sure that the glasses you wear in the wet won't fog up. Some will fog up in the wet/steamy weather and you get totally blinded. I wear Oakleys and haven't had that problem. I also have a pair of clear 'goggles' I got in Japan and they used to be awesome but as they are getting older are more prone to fogging up.

If your riding to work always remember to pack a spare pair of socks and sometimes underwear in a seal tight plastic bag as nothing is worse than squishy feet and cold bottom all day.
Some gloves have a soft towelling section on them to wipe your glasses with, maybe look into getting a pair of those?
Tear offs.

May require different style helmet. Pros: keeps head drier from rain, better crash protection. Cons: may make head wetter from sweat, more likely to crash due to unaccustomed extra weight on head.
Mm good for helmet visors but not sure how good for photochromatic lenses?

Kylie - They used baby shampoo for this when I went snorkeling in Qld:) Worked well.
That's two calls for Netti jackets =) I'm 6'4", so longer is better. I like the idea of goggles for rain, maybe a pair of them plus RainX is the way to go.
wearing a peaked cap under your helmet can help keep the rain out of your eyes/off your lenses
The water in my eyes was, by my estimation, more than 80% due to the front wheel rather than the rain itself. Definitely a good idea for heavier rain though.
I have a Ground Effects jacket that I am very happy with. In fact my commuter gear is pretty much exclusively Ground Effects as I find it generally very comfortable and practical. You can have a look at their gear at

I also run mud guards which are one of the best things I have ever put on the commuter bike.
yeah well... as davew says... mudguards

they're not so un-hip that your pants will fall off anymore
I'd agree that when it's hot it's easier just to get wet and then shower when I get to work or home.

Love my mudguards- certainly minimise the amount of road grime I end up wearing!

Carry a light shell and most of the time it's enough, but have just bought a new jacket but haven't needed to use it yet.
Also grabbed a few warmer things at the netti sale which are now being worn

My panniers have been fine with a good spray of waterproofing.

My biggest thing is trying to increase my visability- much to my daughter's embarrassment.
Hi Jen,

What waterproofing spray do you use and where do you get it?



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