This morning I timed my ride home from a friend's place to mine on the opposite end of Marrickville perfectly to get drenched - it was drizzling when I left her place, started pouring a few seconds after I hit the road, and stopped two minutes after I arrived home shivering and looking like a drowned rat.


- Cotton cargoes, t-shirt and hoodie are not suitable for riding the rain.
- My helmet sucks and I need a bigger one.
- Mudguards! 25+km/h means my front Marathon Plus tire sprays water forward and just high enough for the wind to throw it exactly into my face.
- I don't have knobblies anymore, and hitting even the smallest kerb at an angle, at speed, on slicks, in the rain, is a BAD IDEA. I somehow stayed upright and landed on my feet, but the insides of my thighs are bruised as all hell from the bike's attempt to buck out from under me after flicking into some sort of diagonal skid-hop freakout.
- The above resulted in my QR MTX rack sticking out sideways. The thing refuses to grip in one place on a carbon stem, and I'll be replacing it with a normal pannier rack post-haste. If someone's interested in purchasing it let me know, otherwise I'll save it for the next steel stem I own.

Right, with that whinge out of the way, what does your cold/wet cycling wardrobe look like? I'm interested in specific brands and gear you'd recommend or avoid as well as general advice. Jackets, baselayers, knicks/shorts, arm and leg warmers, shoe covers, whatever.

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Can't recall the name of it, but it came from a camping store. The BLS recommended I spray (stuff with newspaper first) as I bought the cheaper panniers. That was now 6 months ago and it seems to be working, no water in so far, even during the past few days. I probably should do another spray just to make sure it stays that way!!!
Most i've had to wear this year at work is a cycling cap, Dickies Shorts, Long sleeved loose fitting Jersey and a spray jacket.

Got mudguards but its soo bloody warm in this city & is not even worth using them.

It might get cold enough once or twice this year to Justify wearing a base layer top/leggings.

Its way too warm to wear waterproof pants In Sydney.

As a messenger who rides from 8am till 5:15pm i find the worst thing about wet weather is getting wet feet in the morning and having to put up with wet feet until i get home.

I've got some Goretex socks leftover from my stint in Toronto. so if it rains in the morning after it fines up a little i'll just put on a fresh pair of socks and the goretex socks over them which should hopefully keep my feet toastie warm.

The goretex socks are kind of useless in Sydney rain as its too warm for waterproof pants and the water just runs down your leg and into the top of the buggers.

In Canada everyone used to say ...
"If its under 10 degrees make sure you protect your knees. "
As a dicky-knee sufferer, I can definitely second that Doddsy. Anything under about 10 degrees I wear some thin neoprene brace thingies to keep mine warm. Wet weather increases the chill in winter and if I don't take steps to keep my knees warm, I know it only takes a couple of days before I end up with knee pain.
everyones comments seems to be some kind of wet weather gear......

i usually strip down to my shorts and throw my clothes in a water proof bag. Enjoy the rain!


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