On two separate occasions this week I have been told on this site that the answer to my concerns about the alarming number of deaths/injuries in the suburb in which I live(Tempe) that the solution is to join the Australian Cyclist Party.

Going to their website I expected to see news of these events....nothing! Facebook page....nothing?

So...I went to the websites of every cycling advocacy group I could find....silence all around.

Who does represent utility cyclists?

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Thanks Omar. It was never my intention to put down the efforts of the ACP. My original post was in response to comments made to me over the last week that the best immediate action to the number of deaths/injuries in Marrickville is to join the ACP.

I feel positive about the future of cycling infrastructure in Marrickville with an increased budget passed on Tuesday and Carrington Rd moving forward. This is a step forward and is a clear indication that a large number of passionate people that I was previously unaware of are doing a lot of work in the background. This is a major step forward from the laughing response I received at a council meeting two years ago when I suggested that Station Street, which used to be two ways would be perfect for a cycle lane as it would link the Cooks River to Unwins Bridge Rd. Silly, controversial, progressive then obvious I suppose.

Thats an odd one, its 2 way in the western section, and bikes are acceptable, so why not allow bikes to go contraflow in the eastern section? same width of road, and now allowable under RMS guidelines if traffic volumes arent too high. But you can just nick up Quarry St.

I suggested it when a series of drawings were being sent around during the Tempe traffic survey and the road was still one way. A link to Sydenham Station through here works.

ah yes but what about unwins bridge road -too scary for most I gave up years ago & illegally ride on the footpath .Have been shouted out once by an irate policewoman shouting from the paddy wagon.

As regards the Tempe traffic study phaps some voices shouted more than others. I suggested unwins be made a local road at least to Sydenham street and a bicycle lane been put in. The survey engineers chuckled and loved that one and were contemplating putting it in just to see the reaction .


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