My bike(s) have been especially good this year (again) so Santa has been generous (also thanks to the household expenditure review committee, aka razor gang).

Bike got a very nice Revelate Tangle half frame bag. The business case for this expenditure asserts an increase in load capacity and load streamlining resulting in a speed increase (ambitious that), There is though a slight reduction in water load capacity.

The committee also approved a new(er) saddle but supply chain issues won't see this available until mid-late January. A nice "vintage" Selle Anatomica X, much approved of by many longer distance riders, the business case notes that if it addresses comfort issues then rides longer than 200km will be possible in 2015 (also ambitious).

A proposal for new handlebars is also under consideration which will require new bartape of course but the outcome of this is still pending, perhaps only the tape (RED) will be approved.

So what about you?

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they are a great bell Rob, I've added one on my randonneur (to make it legal)

in case you missed it (and I did until I stumbled onto this) it was part of a ding-off...

"However, in my opinion the Spurcycle is the iPhone of bells, with the added benefit of being made in the U.S.A."

Does this mean you'll have to redo that tatt?

It can stay as a reminder of where we have come from.

I KNEW that tatts for cyclists was a legit topic for a Mr O' blog.

O' ye of little faith...

I probably should have included my present to myself this year too.

There's a whole O'blog right there!

A fully green Cycle Signs for my yet to be fully green bike.

I promise I will get the matching wrist tatt next week, well maybe the week after that...

Like Bill I scored some Revelate gear. I already have a Tangle bag so I got a Ranger full frame bag.

Also a Cycology t-shirt to add to the collection.

I got some air for my tyres.

:)   Like your humour.


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