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Santa is on his way as you can see tell us all what Santa bought his Bike friends this year

Only 30 minutes to go, and I think I know what Santa is bringing me!
But I won't ruin it for the kiddies. I'll let you know tomorrow :-)
Awesome! A nice old 8 speed campy gruppo AND WHEELS for my steel Olmo frame. Had been sitting there in the shed for over a year. How did Santa know exactly what I needed?
Merry Christmas Ant!
Jeeze you're up early. Are you gonna build her up this morning?

Santa is truly amazing.

Somehow Santa knew I needed some Elite rollers.
I might give em a blast before the kids wake up :-)
That's it. Chrissy morning roller workout done :-)
Onya Santa!

Are they a resistance set??? Or just for spinning??

Just spinning.
But in top gear, with no down hills, with no rests, you get knocked around pretty fast. 25 minutes this morning and I had sweat pouring down my face, down my arms and splattering all over the deck.
Wow coincidence John, I got some Elite one litre water bottles.

I have had it too good this year, over 7,000km riding so far, new bike in March, 11 Audax rides since May, we all got ACP which hopefully will keep keep giving, so I told Santa I had got enough already. But knowing I have the next 10 days off she still came up with the bottles, some brake pads, small tool or two and another 200k ride on Friday and another on 4th Jan, I am too too lucky.

I only got ACP and it's the best present in years :D

I'm up to ~4953 this year, with no Audax rides. I'd like to hit the 5200 but can't see when I'm going to have time and stamina. My longest ride in the last few years is 77 and rides that long knock me out for a few days - I should be riding now ...

Have a great day all.

Unfortunately the brake calipers have been recalled so that was my first and last ride (Sunday) for a couple of weeks :-(

Report ............... ?????

Hi Dabba.  I know a report is due but I was so deflated when I found out the brakes were recalled.  I have been so busy in the lead up to Christmas I had decided that from Sunday onwards I would ride the Baum every day to regain my fitness and to allow the chain etc to settle in preparation for commuting as often as possible in 2014.

So Sunday was the maiden voyage.  Sheer bliss.  I loved every minute.  Ride position more comfortable than any other bike.  Even though my road bike was optimised by Steve Hogg when he measured me for the Baum the frame obviously is not such an exact fit as the new bike.

Gearing feels like it can walk up walls.  Ti  frame makes handling a dream.  

I hope Merlin hurry in sending the replacement callipers.  Big anticlamax. :-(


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