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"Gearing feels like it can walk up walls."

Yep!  Think Tawonga Gap from Mt Beauty side with 30+kgs on board on a cool, misty morning, and averaging about 6-9kph all of the way up to the top.  Magic!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, if you find the 42T chainring too small, I've got a 44 with only a couple of hundred K's on it that will fit your setup and I'd part with it if you need it.

I don't think it will be too small at this stage.  With a heavy load I will need it I think. Will keep it in mind though - thanks. :-) 

Have you considered how you are going to ensure the overnight security of your expensive new toy when touring?  Cable lock vs U-lock vs weight vs other alternatives.

Well done Bill!

Perfect for a drizzly Boxing Day morning.

I'm at 4,509km this year so far, and I'm happy with that. I'll try for 6,000km in 2014.

I'm thinking Santa might need to make a second visit for me. I got the nice soft Camelbak bottles a few months ago, but they slip too easily out of my wire cages - almost caused a disaster when a bottle ejected into path of the guys behind me. The plastic Elite ones look like the go.

The plastic Elite ones look like the go.

You mean these ones?:
As used by more pro teams than any other cage, apparently. Which to me suggests three things:

1) They're durable

2) They're not particularly prone to hydroejaculation (releasing bottles an inopportune times)

3) They're not particularly heavy

Coupled with a good price point and the ability to colour match to just about any frame, I reckon they're the go. Actually I've got four of them, and no complaints.

Yes, precisely those ones :-)

The only thing holding me back is that I think they will look funny on a classic Ti frame.


Santa and I have been looking on ebay for a strong road bike for a while now- for a well kept bike with not too many Kms and 105 or similar gear on it. About 3 weeks ago we found a pre loved bike which fitted all the criteria, so we put a bid on it and won. During the auction I searched the net for information on it and could only find good reports, feedback and reviews about the bike.

I want to have a go at drop bars and skinny tyres as well as the flat bars that I'm used to on mountain and hybrid bikes that I also own. Life is too short as I'm told.

Here she is next to all the familys other christmas presents.

Major snake =V nice, wanted one for a while but couldn't find one big enough.

Not so sure bout the tribars on a cross bike doing cx but for those extra long rides like the tour divide, well maybe.

Santa bought this grooming kit today I guess I was starting to look a bit to hairy during the year I think my wife is trying to tell me something.

I should also be able to ride a little quicker I hope everybody had a good Xmas so far and have lots of presents and fun


Hair is a common Hippie problem as you know....


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