I saw this and thought there is something in it. Not to develop a new tribe of cyclists but to try and broaden the idea. It feel it is in the vein of Copenhagenize.com. Does anyone have an idea that resonates with them?


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Here's some...

  • "Normal cycling" (That's sure to get up the nose of people who do sports cycling.)
  • "Ordinary cycling"
  • "Mainstream cycling"
  • "Transport cycling"

"Just getting about"

My favourite is still everyday cycling.


I thought it was practical cycling

My response ...
Why did you choose the name you chose?

I didn't select any because it's stupid to give it a "special" name . I mean, when I'm breathing while sitting in a chair, I don't feel the need to give it a different name to the breathing I do while I'm walking around.
If I decide to cycle with a purpose or destination in mind, which is about 95% of my cycling! I might call it "transport" but mostly I'd just say "I'm going to the shops" and if I have my (stupid) helmet in my hand then the bicycle is assumed.
Trying to come up with different names for different cycling just creates artificial divisions and perpetuates the myth that cycling is "special". While ever it's considered special it will always be on the fringe, so please, stop this madness.


  1. 1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.

    usefulnessuseadvantagebenefitvaluehelp, helpfulness,


    service, serviceableness, advantageousness;

1.useful, especially through being able to perform several functions
2.functional rather than attractive

Edit: I see they already had that term in the survey, called "funcycling", pronounced Funsickling? As in I'm just going out to do a bit of Funsickling,dear.


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