Remember the National Road and Cyclists Association? Sadly theire web site is no more, now only on the archive . Some of their press releases were masterful pieces of writing.

Maybe with Alan Evans gone form the NRMA and Wendy Machin a bit less strident, they felt their job was largely done. No 'Ride of Silence' in Sydney either which they seemd to be linked with.

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I see someone has been taking advantage of free Google Sites. How does it do the domain name generation?
I see... new address in Mountain View, CA, and Wanda Chemin has been replaced by Windy Machine (must be from UnZud). It's growing into a multinational corporation.
Hey, BB, you seem to know even more about the NRCA than I thought I did.

You wouldn't happen to be the alter-ego of Alan Odds and Windy/Wanda as well as CC and TimC, would you? That would be a serious case of schizophrenia.
Whatever, BB. You are the medico.

Just as long as you know the name of your disorder you are taking the first step on the long road to recovery. I am sure everyone on SC will join me in wishing you speedy progress towards that goal.
Actually, I don't think they are communicating in latin as each page says the same thing. I think that is the default text that Dreamweaver supplies with its "set-up-your-own" website wizard .
Even the new address is fictitious of course. I suppose designing a web site it is an amusing way for a cyclist to spend a rainy day.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Alan? I think we're going to need him if Pork O'Barrel gets in.
Isn't Pork the man incharge of the LIbel, Cuntry coalition


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