lazy morons yelling "get off the road" at me?? Two twits in an older style dark blue Mitsubishi Magna with red P-Plates were the latest to do that to me yesterday afternoon on Delhi Rd - while I was riding in the cycle lane. Unfortunately I didn't get their rego. I don't care about people yelling at me, but when they swerve close to me to do it, I get very angry.

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Maybe yell back 'get some exercise, you look like you need it' ?
caught up to one screamer once and i yell into his ear. he nearly fell off his car :)
Your the one leading the fitter healthier lifestyle. Their stupidity and bad karma will eventually be rewarded. Darwins Law :)
I used to get angry too Judy but I found the best way to deal with these people is to wave and smile and say in my sweetest voice 'thanks, have a good morning' or something friendly. It makes them even more angry.
You know what the "P" stands for, don't you? (Especially as it is invariably a male.)

"Pathetic" is a polite possibility.
For the first time ever I had encouragement yelled out at me as I huffed and puffed up a hill on my ride home last night. It put a smile on my face and the power in my legs to push that little bit harder.

Sadly only 5 minutes later I had a driver deliberately try to squash me into some parked cars about 3 times as we traveled next to each other down the road in slow traffic.
All part of cycling unfortunately. I agree with the smile and wave idea. I just need to remember this policy at the time...


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