A guy I work with asked me about my commuting shoes the other day and I was wondering what other people roll in? I wear these (see below) for work here as my office is very casual and my commute is only a couple of k's:

Got them from UK company Quoc Pham for GBP 100. Flat stiff sole specifically designed for cycling. Probably only considered cool for us over 40's! As I'm returning to work in Sydney seriously for the first time since '97 what do people like to wear? 

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Answer: it depends... ;)

Pretty much the answer really.

I commute on two of my bikes and my shoe choices are dependent of the pedals :

SPD shoe on my commuter-roadie because that’s the pedals that are on it, and I change to my office shoes that are in my locker.

Or if I’m doing my 2km car-to-office ride on the-foldie-that-lives-in-the-boot it’ll be whatever I'm wearing to work that day – it’s a large platform pedal and the stiffness of the sole is far down the list compared to the shoe appropriateness for that day.

I know what shoes I won't be rolling in any more on my bikes with cleats on them. My nice ones!

I found holes in two of my favourite flats and couldn't figure out what was going on for a week. doh!


I wear cleats in a pair of mountain bike shoes for commuting home (uphill) and any other commuting when it's wet. My commute to work is downhill so I don't feel the need often to wear the cleats, just flat shoes like your ones above. Flat rubber soles are good as they don't get wrecked by the pedals, as D is for Donuts says below.

I once wore ballet flats to work. Totally fine in the grip factor, but some helpful pedestrians informed me that they were not very "cycling-like" shoes. I've not taken their advice and sometimes still wear them too. Just depends.

I get the the feeling that Sydney traffic isn't cleat friendly? : (

Guess I'll leave the cleats for training.

Meh, it's fine. So long as you can clip in and out reasonably quickly

I alternate between expensive, white, crabon fibre road shoes, and rubber thongs. Seriously.


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