What sort of Sydney rides will you show to overseas MAMILs ?

I've got a couple of overseas mates who probably fits the MAMIL profile and will be over in March, and am hoping to line up a couple of rides with the following parameters :

Road bikes, route distance between 40-100km, starting point within 200kms of Sydney, Bike transport will be available if required.

An important ride criteria is to showcase Sydney highlights and be 'rewarding' - in terms of scenic views / awesome food stops / or perhaps MAMIL class bike shops.

At this stage rides already planned are :

1/ West Head + Akuna, + St Ives coffee shop to ogle at the bikes going past

2/ RNP + Bundeena ferry + Cronulla beachfront for bite


What other rides would you suggest or plan if you wanted to show off the 'best of Sydney' to MAMILs?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Additional info: they have previously taken a trip to Taiwan to ride for a week or so.


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Homebush to the city via Iron Cove bay, Anzac bridge, SH bridge, Epping SUP to Meadowbank,

maybe parramatta valley cycleway, prospect canal cycleway.

Three gorges ride is a nice ride to show off some scenic roads

+ 1. You can make it the four of five gorges, and possibly even six, if when you come out of Berowra you head left up Pacific Hwy and do the Brooklyn to Mt White half-pipe (ride down from Pie in the Sky, across the river, up to the top of Mt White, turn around, come back), and then repeat Bobbo in reverse on the way back. All up, even with the complete six climbs, this would be around 100km. And best of all, there are about 3 cafes in the shops along Bobbin Head Rd in North Turramurra for the post-ride coffees (plural).

Macquarie Pass to the pie shop in Robertson. 

Albion Park Station  > Maquarie Pass > Barrengary (Descent) > Berry Mountain > Berry Station


Or reverse. See Nicks 'Tour de Pie' and 'Son of Pie' rides for ideas.

or Waterfall to the gong night at the Nan Tien Temple, chanting in the morning, Mac Pass then onto Mittagong train home.

The ride down to Wollongong has some lovely scenery.


If you wanted to head Bowral way there is not only great scenery and terrain for riding and a thriving local food scene (including one of the best bakeries ever), good places to stay and a bike store run by Brad McGee.

I had a readup and McGee shop looks awesome, and I've always loved Berrima / Bowral areas and atmosphere.

Bowral to Kangaroo Valley return is hard to beat for scenery and some serious hills:

110 kilometres, two hills up and two hills down - great views, but it is better to keep yours eyes on the potholes and gravel.
Rolling out of Bowral, its’s turn left at the third roundabout along .... road.  Go easy here and warm up, there’ll be plenty of time to attack later. Cross over the Illawarra Highway, along Sheep ... road. 
Turn left at the intersection, follow the road down a few kilometers for the steep, fast descent down Fitzroy Falls into the picturesque Kangaroo Valley.
Riding along the main road, over the pick-a-plank bridge then through the town.  When you see the sign it’s turn left to go up Berry mountain up the ‘easy side’.  This hill is steep - about 5.5 kilometres at 8%.  Be on the lookout for Berry Mountain Tourist Drive on your right. 
The Tourist drive is a little bumpy at places, generally covered in shadow, but then gets real fast as you approach Camberwarra.  Here it is important to make a slight RIGHT hand turn down off the mountain heading back into Kangaroo Valley. 
This is just an awesome descent, so enjoy it but watch out for cars.
Here the road gets interesting as the rather lumpy valley turns into Barrengarry Climb - really fast on the way down but now 7 km at 8% average (again) until you get to hippy petrol station.  Stop here for a snack if you want, then 35 kilometres (probably into the wind) back into Bowral for a latish lunch.

One ride that is quite nice is to catch the train up to Wyong, then West through Yarramalong Valley, up Bumble Hill, then to Peats Ridge. Here you can either head straight to Calga, or go left to Somersby, then down the hill to Mooney-Mooney Creek and climb up to Calga. From Calga just head back along the highway and up the hill to Pie in the Sky and then back to the city. You can put in Bobbin Head if you still feel the need for another hill.

This ride has some very nice scenery, Yarramalong Valley is very pretty; and Bumble Hill is a bit bigger than most of the hills around Sydney. There aren't many food stops on the way, but there are a good selection from Berowra down.

For a lazy day, the section of coast road from, say, Balgowlah's North Harbour Reserve and up to North Head, then through the Manly esplanade and up to Dee Why with various scenic turnouts is nice ..
Mangrove Mountain -> Wisemans Ferry -> River Rd -> a pick up point or train (Windsor?). Or reverse, if you want climbing.


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