What sort of Sydney rides will you show to overseas MAMILs ?

I've got a couple of overseas mates who probably fits the MAMIL profile and will be over in March, and am hoping to line up a couple of rides with the following parameters :

Road bikes, route distance between 40-100km, starting point within 200kms of Sydney, Bike transport will be available if required.

An important ride criteria is to showcase Sydney highlights and be 'rewarding' - in terms of scenic views / awesome food stops / or perhaps MAMIL class bike shops.

At this stage rides already planned are :

1/ West Head + Akuna, + St Ives coffee shop to ogle at the bikes going past

2/ RNP + Bundeena ferry + Cronulla beachfront for bite


What other rides would you suggest or plan if you wanted to show off the 'best of Sydney' to MAMILs?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Additional info: they have previously taken a trip to Taiwan to ride for a week or so.


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Wow - thanks for the replies.Much research and test rides to suffer through!


Just curious, for pure awesome pie goodness,

is it Pie in the Sky ? (probably incorp with 3 gorges or similar)

or Robertson Pie shop?  (might have to find a way to incorp with that fly treetop walk, should be a hoot to do in cleats)

I don't want to criticise the Brooklyn Pie in the Sky cafe, because the scones are delicious.  However, the pies have shrunk but the prices haven't.  Maybe just have two!  They still make them themselves and they have plenty of great flavours.

I haven't eaten at the Robertson shop for a couple of years.

If one pie is good, two pies sounds even better! - Will try to think of the smaller pies as providing the opportunity to have different flavours :)



A meat pie that could drip sauce on the Tibetan antelope leather Rapha cycling gloves?

A mamil wouldn’t chance that.  A scone; fairly safe.


So you say, ride up to a place called "Pie in the Sky" and forgo the chance to: 

  - draw breath,

 - lean the bikes casual-like

 - pose around in lycra

 - clitter clatter clob around in cleats

 - order several flavours of pie (and several coffees)

 - and on the off chance of dripped sauce;the chance to buy brand new gloves?


What's your definition of MAMIL ?

"Price check on Raapha cycling gloves, Price check on Rappaa cycling gloves please"..
$115 on special, down from $170. But of course no respecting MAMIL would buy at a discount when they can pay full price and discuss it at the cafe!
If you're going to West Head then keep going down Mc Carrs creek road to the coast and down to Manly.

I'm thinking that they would have enough exposure to the coast on the RNP/Cronulla leg.

Let's not forget the bling bike parade at the St Ives cafe - why are there so many money laundering folks in the Northern suburbs?

I could answer that but it would be racist (if racist can apply to a nationality not colour).  They don't call  St Ives St Efrica for nothing.

Hoooooold on a minute - I smell a rat. If they are true MAMILs, what do you need a long ride for? Shouldn't you just be aiming to find a good cafe next door to a bling bike shop you can spend the morning hobbling between? Park the cars in the carpark around the back, offload the bikes from the roof and ride around to the front where you can brag about how long you spent in the hurt box and do a show'n'tell on the latest touch screen GPSs?...

I suspect they're not *real* MAMILs at all... but actual bike riders!


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