What sort of Sydney rides will you show to overseas MAMILs ?

I've got a couple of overseas mates who probably fits the MAMIL profile and will be over in March, and am hoping to line up a couple of rides with the following parameters :

Road bikes, route distance between 40-100km, starting point within 200kms of Sydney, Bike transport will be available if required.

An important ride criteria is to showcase Sydney highlights and be 'rewarding' - in terms of scenic views / awesome food stops / or perhaps MAMIL class bike shops.

At this stage rides already planned are :

1/ West Head + Akuna, + St Ives coffee shop to ogle at the bikes going past

2/ RNP + Bundeena ferry + Cronulla beachfront for bite


What other rides would you suggest or plan if you wanted to show off the 'best of Sydney' to MAMILs?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Additional info: they have previously taken a trip to Taiwan to ride for a week or so.


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+1 perhaps centennial park should be the most appropriate ride for MAMILs then

Drat. Caught out! - what gave it away ?

Soooooo which is the blingiest of bling bike shops ? ^^

Turramurra Cyclery - just started stocking $6500 Lighweight wheels, which you could have fitted to your $7900 Pinarello Dogma frame topped off with a $4000 Campy Super Record gruppo. The change out of $20,000 should sort out the remaining bits...

That sounds MAMIL enough... is there a good cafe next door and a car park around the back? :)


Hmmm, Turramurra Cyclery uses the slogan "The Serious Stuff". Perhaps that just refers to the effect on your bank balance of buying that sort of gear.

No, it's in reference to the conversation you have with your Missus when explaining why such a bike is essential (on top of the golf club membership).

Someone is buying them though, Mark sold 3 Dogmas last week & 1 set of Lightweights last week.


Now we need to know what "type" of cranks?


This topic of conversation can only be discussed while wearing HTC team kit at a cafe between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am on a weekend morning!!!

Money laundering, I tell ya.

Without wanting to give away too much personal info about Mark, but since you can see both his bike and car at the shop and I'm sure he'd tell you if you asked anyway, he drives a 5-year old Golf GTI (with only 21,000km on the clock - he has a short drive to work!), and has a VW Transporter work van (which can transport 30+ bikes, 10 on the roof, 20 in the back).

He rides a Dogma, but not Liteweights! Well, maybe he's tried the test ride set he's got...

Oh, and he either is or once was one helluva GP motorbike racer, on his Yamaha TZ250. I don't think it's seen too much daylight since his kids came along...


Cafe? you mean chilled black current currant juice outlet.

I doubt if the decidedly happily imported black currants from NZ is going to make the cut for 'best in Sydney'  :P

I had a look at the site, the Pinarello + Time + Bar Stelvio probably makes that place a 'must visit',  - so maybe from St Ives back to Turramurra.... those bike racks are going to have a real workout!



Edit: -duh!-  I just realised that should actually be part of a 3 Gorges / Bobbin Head  drive erm  ride.


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