What sort of Sydney rides will you show to overseas MAMILs ?

I've got a couple of overseas mates who probably fits the MAMIL profile and will be over in March, and am hoping to line up a couple of rides with the following parameters :

Road bikes, route distance between 40-100km, starting point within 200kms of Sydney, Bike transport will be available if required.

An important ride criteria is to showcase Sydney highlights and be 'rewarding' - in terms of scenic views / awesome food stops / or perhaps MAMIL class bike shops.

At this stage rides already planned are :

1/ West Head + Akuna, + St Ives coffee shop to ogle at the bikes going past

2/ RNP + Bundeena ferry + Cronulla beachfront for bite


What other rides would you suggest or plan if you wanted to show off the 'best of Sydney' to MAMILs?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Additional info: they have previously taken a trip to Taiwan to ride for a week or so.


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But their bikes apparently come with complementary matching jersey and knicks so you whoosh through Bobbin Head or the three Gorges in a peloton that looks like a red/white/blue streamer.  :-)

(Probably wouldn't if I could get up those hills a bit faster).

No, that IS the C bunch, riding with our baskets and red, white & blue streamers! ;-)

Loop the Lake is on the 13th March. I know it might be a bit out of the way, but at least your mates will see a bit of the country, while they are here.



Just a little footnote. MAMILs have come and gone.

About every ride had an incident.

1st ride Bikes were all done up and we literally started rolling for a modified 7 bridges touristy ride (showcase Sydney and the bikelanes) when it was washed out by a downpour.


2nd ride From St Ives , Down to Church Point and back towards West Head (with plans for Akuna and Cottage Pt) was cut short by a crash, costing a pedal, helmet, and saddle.


3rd ride had a rider down due the above (swellings etc) and I didn't have leave on this day while the other riders completed the 3 Gorges.


4th ride had the full set of riders and a visit to Turramurra was required when a rider had grief with his shifters but we still persisted with a 3 Gorge ride. A stiff link appeared in my chain after completing the 2nd Gorge and another rider had a flat shortly after with his tubulars. Thank goodness for exit strategy and trains.


5th ride was Royal National Park , the visitors completed that the climb out of Audley and I thought by not taking the cleat savers I would be motivated enough, but nope the slope went from 10, 11 and broke me at 12%. - so one more pair of cleats to the bin. With strong crosswinds blowing the bikes and wheels, it was a prudent exit to Bundeena Ferry and the Cronulla - Kurnell leg with the blaring trucks when the dark skies convinced us to race back to the support vehicle barely before the rains.


Weekend washed out the rest of the rides but overall they had a good time and suitably impressed, so thanks for all the input - another visit might happen, and now that we are aware that Peloton Sports has 'supported rides' which might something to potentially incorporate if timing suits.


Summary : West Head / Akuna will need to completed, as will RNP , this time to Stanwell Park leading onto a stay over leading towards Berrima / and the potential ride at Kangeroo Valley.

Meantime I just need to find a some thing to give me an advantage beyond home ground....

I've done the RNP Bundeena ferry ride a number of times.  If you can do it starting 6.30am Sunday Morning you could ride out while the various bike clubs are in action.  They start at Centennial Park and at Marrickville at 6.30am and head for General Homes Drive


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