What to do about morning rat runners illegally (or sneakily) turning onto Parriwi Rd Mosman

I've noticed it the last two weeks while doing hill repeats - As the city bound traffic on Spit Road builds up going up the hill into Mosman, more and more cars seem to go up Parriwi, despite the no left turn (except cycles) into Parriwi.

What the smart arses are doing is turning left onto the shoulder just after the bridge and then going through the Skiff Club and restaurant driveways into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club car park, then coming out of the car park through the boom gate and turning left up Parriwi. 

I stopped and watched from the bottom there this morning and saw 6 to 8 cars queued up doing this waiting for the boom gate to go up! 

And, because these drivers are rat running, they are naturally in a hurry, tearing up the hill overtaking dozens of cyclists with little regard for anybody going downhill towards them. It's going to get nasty there soon.

Any advice on what to do? Who to talk to?

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Report to Council or RMS and make a complaint that the rat-runners endangers cyclists.

Get video proof of them doing it and burn it on dvd.

Dang! I should have videoed this morning. I was just too amazed at what I was seeing to think of it!


I have seen a cop car sitting there fining people for doing exactly what you describe. So they are aware of it and it is probably a source of easy fines. I doubt you would need to prove what is happening as they already know. Maybe raise it with the local traffic committee or call the police direct?

It seemed to suddenly get nasty at about 6:30-6:45, coinciding with the peak cycle commute!

Same last week when I was there. You really don't notice it if you do just one roll down or up, but I was there for 5 repeats and it gets bleeding obviously after a while .....

For a while it was No Entry for motor vehicles into the turn off but it got changed back. Anyone wishing to access the Yacht Club can still turn off just before the Parriwi exit so restricting access shouldn't be a problem. I guess the coffee shop complained that they lost their morning custom!

I agree it's an issue. This morning when I went through there were about 8 cars and many tried to overtake cyclists at the top of the first bend, a blind corner with double white lines. Very dangerous for all.

I was there going up and down from 6:20 or so till 7am and it got very bad 6:45 till 7.

And they go fast!

It needs a gate by the look of it, permeable to pedestrians and bicycles.


Done elsewhere in Sydney.

Motorbikes will still go through it like I've seen them do at Lt Wilson/Wilson St redfern

They will, of course. However motos will pass bicycles using only a similar space, no need for hazardous overtaking. And the proportion of traffic is small. I would not worry about it too much.

Some of the rat run motor bikes and scooters going up Parrawi display shocking behavior as they race up the hill and cut in on your arse. Mosman council need to fix this. Can you also send a request for the manly mosman bug to consider http://bikemanmos.org.au/wp/join-up-or-contact-us/

Are there enough cyclists on this route to stage a die-in on Parrawi road?

Yes indeed, going south lots as the spit bridge is the only real option for northern beaches bike riders heading south. Could be just outside the feeder lane outside the coffee shop heading into the yacht club carpark. ( heading north my call is that 60% of people biking go down Spit Road, which really for best n safe riding conditions should be avoided)

"Back in my day....". when I would ride into school, parrawi was a bus lane and you had heaps of road to oneself and the pace of any fully loaded bus was more or less struggle so easy to hear and avoid / keep clear of, now with middle harbour on you left you hardly hear of fast moving cars and motor bikes until they are on you.  With the number of people biking this route it is another prime spot for a strict 40 km/h zone


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