What to do about morning rat runners illegally (or sneakily) turning onto Parriwi Rd Mosman

I've noticed it the last two weeks while doing hill repeats - As the city bound traffic on Spit Road builds up going up the hill into Mosman, more and more cars seem to go up Parriwi, despite the no left turn (except cycles) into Parriwi.

What the smart arses are doing is turning left onto the shoulder just after the bridge and then going through the Skiff Club and restaurant driveways into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club car park, then coming out of the car park through the boom gate and turning left up Parriwi. 

I stopped and watched from the bottom there this morning and saw 6 to 8 cars queued up doing this waiting for the boom gate to go up! 

And, because these drivers are rat running, they are naturally in a hurry, tearing up the hill overtaking dozens of cyclists with little regard for anybody going downhill towards them. It's going to get nasty there soon.

Any advice on what to do? Who to talk to?

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The same driver who insists that the sign doesn't actually prohibit HIM from doing what he wants would, no doubt, support heavier fines and regulation of cyclists for things like running red lights that don't detect them.

After all, RULES IS RULES. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS, coz that way anarchy lies.

Yeah, right. And the current system is working so well.

no physical barrier, no problem.

When it comes down to it, rules that are not enforced are useless

The police do enforce this on a regular basis but I don't know whether they let locals off. They can after all turn left into Warringah to access Stanton. I'd actually prefer no left at Warringah and allow it at Stanton as there is more room and cars tend to take it wide anyway allowing bikes to enter it at the same time as cars turning left. I've have had take evasive action a few times at Warringah due to left turning cars not giving way only for them to abuse me!

If one takes the sneaky way, are the breaking the law?


And the police think no.

It's the equivalent of driving through a petrol station forecourt to do a left turn when a no left turn sign is at the intersection.

I just got off the phone with the Mosman Police Traffic Command guy.

They are fully aware of what's going on and they can do nothing to stop the rat running. RMS allowed the left turn from the car park and they installed the boom gate.

Going the sneaky way is completely legal, even motorcycles riding around the end of the closed boom gate is legal.

If there is an accident this may change, but for now, the best we can do is keep our wits about us and be extra aware of vehicles overtaking cyclists riding up Parriwi in morning peak hour.


good work John

lateral thinking may yield a can-do remedy of course

Kudos for the load of effort there John.

Traffic community of the council area might be interested to know of the danger and is probably? the only ones who could recommend a change - although the risk profile should be widen to include the general public I guess.

Unfortunately the desire to rat run attracts the sorts that are the most dangerous however there are things the council can do;

1. Eliminate the ability to do a legal left turn using the sneaky route

2. Add traffic calming traffic furniture, perhaps speed humps

I agree but for this spot, making all of Parrawi ( top to bottom) double yellow lines would help stop racing rat runners. Speed bumps would or could take out a rider heading north on a dark night in a really bad wtay.

Oh and yes indeed well done John much thanks.

The new 1 m rule will allow overtaking over dbl lines will it not?
Agree on the speed bumps being a danger, but I guess some uphill slowing devices, like a chicane with a cycle bypass would be possible. If Mosman Council is serious about cyclist safety they should look at some measures to slow uphill motorists, assuming they can't change the situation at the boom gate. but I can't see how RMS has the say down there, surely it is a council responsibility how traffic exits the boom gates and car park.

Maybe the catch is that it is within 20 m of traffic lights and RMS has the say if so. They wouldn't want cars trying to enter the main road from the car park.

What is the purpose of the boom gate?

Agree that speed humps wouldn't work for downhill

What about blocking off the road completely, bicycles exempted.  The first  50 meters could be turned into more parking to help the business's at the bottom.  Would have to know what the local residents think, they get less access but also less cars wizzing past their homes.  The  access could be  improved with a traffic light at the top


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