What to do about morning rat runners illegally (or sneakily) turning onto Parriwi Rd Mosman

I've noticed it the last two weeks while doing hill repeats - As the city bound traffic on Spit Road builds up going up the hill into Mosman, more and more cars seem to go up Parriwi, despite the no left turn (except cycles) into Parriwi.

What the smart arses are doing is turning left onto the shoulder just after the bridge and then going through the Skiff Club and restaurant driveways into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club car park, then coming out of the car park through the boom gate and turning left up Parriwi. 

I stopped and watched from the bottom there this morning and saw 6 to 8 cars queued up doing this waiting for the boom gate to go up! 

And, because these drivers are rat running, they are naturally in a hurry, tearing up the hill overtaking dozens of cyclists with little regard for anybody going downhill towards them. It's going to get nasty there soon.

Any advice on what to do? Who to talk to?

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I got green green this morning in sync with the Spit road lights being green.

I could be wrong but I think you'll find that the first set is only red when the Spit road lights are red. After which you could have traffic turning right into the carpark from the Spit Road, straight ahead from the opposite carpark or indeed turning right from Parriwi. Then the traffic exiting the carpark get their green (green at the first crossing but red at the 2nd crossing). This has been my experience thus far.

What about the "blatant" drivers who turn left directly off Spit Rd, as in the OP image? I guess they wouldn't do it while the cops are there, but in a few weeks time....

what about them?

Everyone is concentrating on the access road/car park dodge, I was just wondering about the blatant No Left turn sign  ignorers. 

its about as useful as asking 'what about cars that go through red lights' ?

They're breaking the law.

In the past, the police have had a fairly good record of doing blitzes on the no-left-turn ignorers.

There, you answered my question. But not much point doing all that light/boom gate  business if drivers are just going to turn left instead, was what I was getting at. 

Surprisingly, not all that many do the brazen alternative left turn, it's all subterfuge through the parking lot....lots of motorcycles and scooters is my observation.

Ironic reading the MD article the other day calling out Parriwi Rd residents as millionaires, as there's hardly a house on the beaches that wouldn't be a mill plus!

Note that cyclist can no longer do the left turn as a result of this change.

Need a few photos to see what the change is that would prevent this. Is a simple "bikes excepted" all that is needed or is their some physical reason? 

It was (for as long as I can remember) "cyclist excepted" (sign). That's now gone for no other logical reason than that we now have the dedicated path and lights. I've somehow managed to the get the red (ped/cyclist path lights) a few times already when I could have otherwise turned left from the Spit into Parriwi (doing 30-40kmh). Some cyclist are still doing this anyway.

If anything it would be safer for cyclist, to go left into Parriwi, as the cars coming out of the car park would be behind the red lights. Previously the timing of the boom gate could coincide with cyclist turning left which resulted in a few close shaves some mornings. Now the timing coincides with the Spit road lights i.e red at the spit road/ ped/cyclist lights, green for exiting the carpark.

Would it be possible to redesign the intersection so there is no direct left hand turn off the road, the motorists have to take an exit lane which combines with the parking left exit? which currently has the delay light

Why not put this " Actibumps " smart speed hump system in there?

And put these in every intersections where it is controlled by traffic lights 

Bad luck to drivers who gunned it thru on red lights to have the front steering destroyed so it can teach the drivers in not to stuff it up in the first place.

I`d like to see that and to all drivers who complains about it. Well then bad luck and stop complaining about it. 


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