What to do about morning rat runners illegally (or sneakily) turning onto Parriwi Rd Mosman

I've noticed it the last two weeks while doing hill repeats - As the city bound traffic on Spit Road builds up going up the hill into Mosman, more and more cars seem to go up Parriwi, despite the no left turn (except cycles) into Parriwi.

What the smart arses are doing is turning left onto the shoulder just after the bridge and then going through the Skiff Club and restaurant driveways into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club car park, then coming out of the car park through the boom gate and turning left up Parriwi. 

I stopped and watched from the bottom there this morning and saw 6 to 8 cars queued up doing this waiting for the boom gate to go up! 

And, because these drivers are rat running, they are naturally in a hurry, tearing up the hill overtaking dozens of cyclists with little regard for anybody going downhill towards them. It's going to get nasty there soon.

Any advice on what to do? Who to talk to?

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Some local residents were handing out flyers at the bottom of Parriwi this morning. There is some vocal opposition to the changes so the residents are asking cyclists to submit feedback to Mosman Council prior to the next council meeting on 5 June, presumably in the hope that cyclists will support of the changes. Comments should be submitted by email to council@mosman.nsw.gov.au. 

I must have missed that party this morning. What do the flyers actually say? Do mean the residents are facing opposition and want our support to keep the changes as is?  The changes are not ideal (no left turn for cyclist) but overall it is much better for cyclist and residents as a lot less cars and motor bikes going up there now.


Thanks Drastic, this is good.

Losing the bicycles can turn left sign is a let down, but Parriwi is far more pleasant now that the speeding rat runners have largely been eliminated!


I just found this on Facebook.

Parriwi Road in better connected times! I didn't realise that Parriwi was the tram road!

I've heard that that is the reason for the steady 4% gradient.

Yeah, it all makes sense.

They inadvertently made the perfect training hill.

Parriwi was the only road before the Spit Rd south of the bridge was built about 1925.

Trams arrived in 1900.

Yes, I guess I forgot the grades that trams could climb.

The old tram stop is still behind Balmoral Baths. That must have been a scary ride when the brakes were cooked!

Ride down, catch tram up, would have been great. Too much to hope govt buses will ever get bike racks on the front, like some places have.

I received an email this morning from the Mosman Council. A review of the new Parriwi Rd strategy is on the agenda for the next Council meeting on Tuesday 5th June.

According to the agenda, the Council has received 129 submissions from the public regarding the changes.

109 positive. 20 negative. Their car counts show a large reduction in rat runners - down to only 1/4 of previous volumes.

I've noticed a huge difference.

And as a bonus, the bloody crane at the lower end which has been an eyesore for the last 6 years is finally dismantled and gone. Only the portaloo has to be taken away now. 


Just read it all. Looks the lights are there to stay. Yay.
From observations the number of rat runners has reduce significantly including the motorbikes/scooters.
Despite my submission, no mention of the removal of bikes exemption sign for the left turn into Parriwi Road (only the new no left turn into the car park which I 100% agree with). I assume that there is a perceived issue of of left turning cyclist colliding with cyclist entering Parriwi from the shared path crossing. In fact that is the case as a lot cyclist are still turning left into Parriwi which is why I still have a quick look over my shoulder.


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