What to do about morning rat runners illegally (or sneakily) turning onto Parriwi Rd Mosman

I've noticed it the last two weeks while doing hill repeats - As the city bound traffic on Spit Road builds up going up the hill into Mosman, more and more cars seem to go up Parriwi, despite the no left turn (except cycles) into Parriwi.

What the smart arses are doing is turning left onto the shoulder just after the bridge and then going through the Skiff Club and restaurant driveways into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club car park, then coming out of the car park through the boom gate and turning left up Parriwi. 

I stopped and watched from the bottom there this morning and saw 6 to 8 cars queued up doing this waiting for the boom gate to go up! 

And, because these drivers are rat running, they are naturally in a hurry, tearing up the hill overtaking dozens of cyclists with little regard for anybody going downhill towards them. It's going to get nasty there soon.

Any advice on what to do? Who to talk to?

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What is allowed when you are heading north from Parriwi towards the bridge. I often stay to the right and go under the bridge if there is no car waiting at the lights because they don't always change for bikes. But I noticed there are no entry signs on the slip road. Am I breaking the law heading that way?

You've hit on something I've wondered about as well David.

I cross over heading north and use the path on the west side to the bridge.

But a few weeks ago I thought I'd try the new concrete path additions on the east side and was stumped by the meaning of those no entry signs. 

There is nothing signed  for cyclists, is there- direction or shared path signs? The clear intention must be for cyclists not to go under the bridge either way.

There is no footpath or shared path. Strictly speaking it looks like riding to the bridge on the eastern side is a no go zone.

What do we infer or believe from RMS cycleway finder?

ps dismaying with aerial photo shows the context better but not really the intent

Same as everytime the cycleway finder is used -- its out of date ?

Not so much out of date, they probably add new cycle infra that gets built by councils etc, but maybe not always accurately or completely.

your bounden duty as a concerned citizen  to point out any mistakes or omissions etc at


They used to say they welcomed feedback on the cycleway Finder, But maybe they are not giving it much attention now. When I  looked  at it closely a while ago  I found there were a lot of things round my way you could query, level of difficulty, type of facility etc. I did email them, can't remember if if there was a response. 

And let's not talk about the cycleway finder on google maps. Shows on road cycleways when they're 300mm wide!


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