Hi all

Just about to join the cargo bike cult (One of us! One of us!) with an electric assist Mundo.

Any suggestions for upgrades or additional kit to go with it.

Primarily to be used for shopping and transporting the boy.

Any other feedback/suggestions welcome

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See if you can get a through the gears bottom bracket type electric assist although they are note as common as hub motors in Australia. I think they let you climb hills better with a big load on. If it is just one kiddy and a bit of shopping then I'd go the Boda Boda over the Mundo, it is lighter (alloy frame) and much easier to manage in general (I have one of each!). V Brakes are fine on the Boda Boda  although discs would be better, I glad Ive got discs on the Mundo as it is much heavier.

The Yuba padded seats I got 5 yrs ago are excellent, comfortable and worth the expense, they still look new. I made my own side panels but they help with keeping cargo and toes out of the spokes. I make do without them on the Boda Boda.Stoker bars are cool but again we make do with a strap on the Boda Boda.

Lastly, when I built up my Mundo there was almost no other longtail available but there are a few alternative I see around you might want to look at too.

Thanks Mark.

I prefer the idea of the mid-drive electric assist.

We tend to do a lot of shopping hence the Mundo. Also the boy is big for his age keep running out of space in/on things :)

Nice info on the seat too.

How old is the boy? I use the monkey bars on my Mundo for two kids, with the younger being 3 1/2. If your son is older than 5 I'd recommend against the monkey bars and go with the ring option. The Leg Up  bar is also recommended for younger kids.

I agree with Mark regarding the Yuba seat cushions.

The new V5 Mundo frame is awesome. A significant upgrade over the V4 model. Definitely get that if you can afford the (not insignificant) increase in cost. The optional lock looks really good, and even easier to use than my dutch style frame lock that I put on mine.

I would strongly recommend the Bread Basket for the front of the Yuba. It helps balance the weight distribution and works really well for smaller items.

I still have a child seat on the rear of mine and it's a pain in the neck, as it essentially precludes the use of any of the Yuba bags (eg, theBaguette). I'm increasingly coming to the opinion that I'd rather have a set of Xtracycle bags on my Yuba than the Yuba bags themselves, as the open topped nature of the Xtracycle bags makes it easier to carry other bags (eg, a school bag, groceries, etc). Although I note that the ability to remove the Baguette to take it into a shop or into the house adds a level of practicality that the "always attached" Xtracycle bags do not have.

Thanks Adam all good to know

  • Integrated lights
  • bigger battery (you will always use it)
  • Through wheel lock with chain. I use mine all the time. With a short cable and small padlock I secure the front quick release closed, then just lock the back wheel and bike to a pole (or gas bottle cage at bunnings.) That said, from what I hear on this site, some locations need much higher security.
  • Two chargers can at times be helpful. A large fast(er) charger at home, and then a smaller more portable one.

Makes sense, thanks Jon


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