Quick question: After 5 odd years of loaded commuting on the current bike, I've punched a spoke through my rear rim, and thought it would be a great opportunity to build up a wheel. Does anyone know of a course coming up, or somewhere else I could try it?


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Thanks Timothy, that guy's in Perth. I know Cheeky Monkey hire out their workshop, so might give them a shot though.

I think they have gone ? http://www.cheekytransport.com.au/ but maybe try Omafiets at George St Redfern.

well that sucks! What happened? Did the owner just decide to take a break for a while?

Sydney is too expensive. Everyone is leaving except for the bankers.

He is but Adrian would be a good person to ask - he was Sydney based when he start his business so might know who to talk to.

I had built 2 wheels with no experience and had done it in `14. It`s still in use with heavy loads without breaking spokes yet now.

I learn it by reading this pdf and work it up with new parts ordered. From old post.

Have a read in Jobst Brandt Bicycle Wheel pdf.


Very nice!

My late and great father always educated me to understand a landlord is always the silent partner. And so it seems in a price mad Sydney real estate market. Although ... I passed by the old Cheeky Transport last week (with tears in my eyes) only to discover it is a new retail outlet for Reid Bikes.

You might find this discussion useful.


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