On June 26th BikeWise will be collaborating with Barnetts Bicycle Institute accredited Cheeky Transport pro bike mechanic & Frame Builder Dave Bowan from BoBo bikes to conduct a Bicycle Wheel Building Class.

In the course of the class it is expected participants will build wheels multiple times using our own quality materials and professional standard tools (yes, these, for each one of you!).


After completing the course participants will be confident to build wheels according to the lace up method extolled by the legendry Jobst Brandt (Author of The Bicycle Wheel)


You are of course welcome to bring your own materials if you wish to build a wheel to ride home on! (Best if it is the last wheel you build on the day!)



Of course you can learn on your own by following the excellent instruction on the Sheldon Brown website... but nothing beats hands on practice under the guidance of experienced professionals.


Special Introductory Course offer $200 & places are strictly limited. Register interest at Info@bikewise.com.au.




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Fantastic thing to learn. I find building a wheel is a bit like meditation and recommend anyone have a go. It looks like a black art but its actually quite easy once you know the tricks. BIG thumbs up for this course.

Wow. What an awesome idea.

Dave is a great wheelbuilder, I'm actually considering making a trip to Sydney for that.

Any idea exactly where and when this course will be held, Is it day/s, evening/s or what?



A little bit about the course

The course on Sunday June 26th will take place at the Sydney Park Cyclist Training Centre, in Alexandria

The course will run from 9:30am to 3:30pm and include breaks for morning tea and lunch.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available, but participants should bring a suitable lunch to ensure a sharp mind!

All tools and materials provided.

Can I "buy one - get one free"?   I want to bring my local bike mechanic. Not one of them have any experience with these tools.


!half full... still 5-6 weeks away
3 places left...5 weeks to go

Make that 2. Emailed!



eekkk just bought new wheelset last week so blown the months of may and june bike budgets.

Any clues on when the next course will be?

Probably there will be another course quite soon since this one (June 26) is now full.


I will announce the new date fairly soon- in consultation with those who are on the new waiting list (info@bikewise.com.au)




Arghh, missed the boat!


Will have to get on the waiting list

Hi Can you put me on the waiting list


Thanks John



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