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For the last few years, Philadelphia has converted a handful of parking spots in front of neighborhood businesses into temporary "parklets" no bigger than the space that might fit one or two cars... Records from adjacent businesses show sales went up about 20 percent immediately after the parks were installed, relative to right beforehand.

WARNING: contains "American English".

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... and features places to park your ass

need some green grass for your ass, either interpretation.

Parklets a great idea btw.

should just go and commandeer parking space with some chairs etc. 

This makes me think - how expensive would it be for a business just to feed the meter in front and claim the space for their own use. If they pay for it, how is it illegal? And as we know what they charge for on street parking is the cheapest rent in the CBD!

I was in Wellington, NZ last week, and Parking Day was on. People set up businesses in the car spaces; I saw a barbershop, and a small clothes store. Also some interesting art/visuals:

That's the barbershop in the background.

If that was in Sydney, the delivery truck in the background would have parked on the top of those stones. And the driver would have abused anyone who complained: "get a real f*#@ing job!".


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