When Will Campbelltown Council Step Up? Is It part of Greater Sydndey?

Nice to see LCC has opened up the Casula pathway at the old power station, Well done LCC.

Campbelltown Council on the other hand have a policy to sell laneways between properties to the highest bidder once both adjoining properties agree. This limits access or input from other properties that live within the same street.

These laneways currently provide access to schools, bus stops & the very few SUPs that exist.

The best you get for commuting cyclists around Campbelltown are the faded (run over) cyclist painted symbols in the middle of the road that is a speedway for trades Utes.

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The ABS sees metro Sydney thus hence it is all Sydney Cyclist owned land :-)

Campbelltown also doesn't believe in maintaining the current cycle ways. BUT they do have an excellent training facility for kids.


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