Many people are put off cycling by a fear of cars and heavy vehicles. When will we see the 300km dedicated bicycle bicycle routes that Infrastructure Australia is supposedly seeking? Such a system would see a major boost in bicycle usage of all kinds given a critical mass of routes. Where is this at?

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Have couple of nice glasses of wine Donald.

Then have a lay down and shut your eyes.

You might see it soon after that.

while listening to Monty Python, particularly last line.

That's a classic Bob.

May I suggest John tries NZ, Japan and Europe. 


I think John is wildly optimistic 

Sad but true.

Only glimmer of hope is maybe if Labor gets in Federally, Albo will kick a few State arses and get his Active Transport and City policies from a few years back going.

Bob, as someone knowledgeable in the black arts of BNSW, can you please shed some light on who are the BNSW directors? I've searched high and low for it, but they must be either embarrassed at their involvement, or it's a state secret and the real reason for Malcolm Turnbull getting the flick! Too many bike hires in Wentworth.

Peter Lee from NCM is on the board.

I see a lot of strong recreational and competitive cyclists there but not many transport oriented board members, but I could be wrong. ROyce Lee is an architect with an interest in European planning for cyclists. 

Thanks Bob.

My LGA persists in building recreational cycleways. It seems beyond their comprehension that commuting cycleways become recreational cycleways, but the reverse is usually not the case.

Well, BNSW is not the only bicycle organisation to meet in secret. The Inner West Bicycle Coalition ("A United Voice for Cycling in the Inner West") also never advertises its meetings, has no published constitution  and is effectively closed to all but a select few.

I don't think its down to IA.

Looking at their docs - they announced funding, called for submissions from councils, who then filled up all the non-cycling bits (road improvements, bridges, bottlenecks etc), but didn't submit (or was it just not approved?) requests for funding of cycling infrastructure.

Have a trawl through their website.

(warning - users may experience Utopian flashbacks)


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