Many people are put off cycling by a fear of cars and heavy vehicles. When will we see the 300km dedicated bicycle bicycle routes that Infrastructure Australia is supposedly seeking? Such a system would see a major boost in bicycle usage of all kinds given a critical mass of routes. Where is this at?

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As I understand it, the Inner City Network bike project has got to level one approval, a concept. It needs to get a detailed design done for level two,then final approval on a cost benefit basis for funding. Not sure if any authority is taking on the design work. It looks more like the network might get done bit by bit, through individual councils or other projects, like the Active Transport component of Westconnex is hopefully going to do for the railyards and similarlarly for the Sydney Gateway airport area and West Harbour projects for NorthSydney. 

With any luck, plans for the route parallel to, and to the north of, Parramatta Road will be announced soon (was promised for this month!). (See separate discussion at This route will enable a cyclist to go from Haberfield to Forest Lodge, Glebe or Ultimo on quiet roads, crossing busy ones at road junctions or, if desired, at pedestrian crossings or refuges.

For other end points, if a cyclist is happy to trade increased time/distance for less traffic then there are many quiet inner city options.

If you want to travel fast, then the Parramatta Road bus lane from Leichhardt into the city makes a good bicycle expressway,  provided you are happy to overtake a bus occasionally.

Bill, I’m told that IWCouncil has been talking to businesses and property owners along Parramatta Rd about the Greater Sydney Commision’s “urban improvements scheme”, which includes the cycle route. Other groups will be consulted “soon”.

Inner West Bicycle Coalition  has its ears to the ground.

Many problems to be sorted out if the route is ever to link Haberfield to Forest Lodge, including getting across Johnston St atAlbion St, and getting from Tebbutt St to Flood St. 


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