This one does not have the subtlety of John's WITWIJB, so it is likely way too easy, note still in granny gear. Seems the localish Bogans got through the gate and made the earth move for this survey marker. Garmin reckons it got to 37, way too hot for me, flunked the last 25kms

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A long way from the nearest tap?

Guessing not the Hay Plains.

A hill between Cargo and Carcoar?

Not the Hay Plains but Cargo, Carcoar an good initial guess but a little further west and certainly a long way between taps.

Geez it must be dry. I though you were a bit of a weight weenie. 

Can you let us zoom in on that plaque above the TT please?

I couldn't read it when I was there. Hot, dry moderate wind, 50-60km between known taps and the sheep troughs did not look potable for non sheep

Peak Hill?

" Seems the localish Bogans got through the gate (5,4) "

I reckon Bill does cryptic crosswords and no-one else on this page does.

Is it somewhere within the dashed line, Bill?

BTW, that's a nice non-bizarrely-misshapen saddle on your bike. I bet that is comfortable.

Or maybe no one else on this page has ever heard of Bogans Gate!

Bogans Gate would be the western limit of the region and some rides I have done there (and re tap locations in another thread, one can be found there in the fibro shed of the abandoned service station site opposite the abandoned railway station where the local CWA do scones on weekends) and baa baa's initial thoughts might point the way in a serial sense. This hill is know as the local lookout.

Saddle another story, while it certainly improves peddling performance but after 200km on it this time I am thinking it is not really suitable for the usually rough roads I frequent whereas the SMP was comfortable but restricted peddling.

So to burley out clues....

would that radio tower be in the west? Thinking that could be the one between Forbes and Grenfell

approximately the generalish direction, maybe a bit of south in it too but much less distance although those two towns would along with the Bogan define the western boundary of the search area. 

Somewhere around West Wy-along?  Looks too hilly though!


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