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I'm guessing on the way over from Palm Beach to Coasters Retreat.

Cranebrook .......last week!

I know...

Lapstone, the new sea side suburb, in 2085 after ice caps melted, also a few of the refugee boats from the eastern suburbs

Cool, i'll be able to ride to the beach. It's the new moat to keep the riff raff out of the Mountains.

Didn't boat people start coming in 1788?

50,000 BCE and the indigenous mega fauna, like the Diprotodon did not like it one bit.

Tasty tasty diprotodon.

By now any diprotodon will be vegetable matter won't it?


Must ring room service tomorrow and ask for some


It's in trouble - looking at the way those handlebars are folded! ;-)

Somewhere near perineum point?


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