Where's Gladys? (in the discussion about cycling incidents)

Further to our recent post on the topic of the Roads Minister's thought bubble around banning cyclists from major roads, we're putting that cycling would be best served by first forcing a shift of the public debate away from the Roads Minister.

Duncan Gay speaks in terms designed to appeal to the tabloids. His rhetoric doesn't actually have the ambition to engage the real issues. Resultantly, the cycling voice should look to avoid serving him a counterpoint. Think about it, are the solutions that obscure that he can't discuss them let alone implement them? No. He's hunting for our indignation. Click bait; column inches and air time. We reckon the best tactic is to talk to everyone *EXCEPT* the RMS. Rather, enlist everyone that the RMS has to attend to (media, MP's, Councils and importantly, the Transport Minister...).

In today's Inner West Courier we suggest that Duncan Gay's call for bike registration is an intentional tactic to distract from the need for his roads to make space for safe cycling infrastructure.

The real question is why is the Minster for Transport silent in this discussion? Transport for NSW does the planning & provides the funding. The RMS is just a road building agency; a glorified road construction gang.

Gladys, where are you?


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... asleep at the wheel

She's too busy putting A/C in trains. And deputy ministering. And cleaning up the mess in the Hunter. And whipping the cabinet into line. And given she's a North Sydney based MP, she's probably trying to find out if any prohibited donations were made to her last campaign.

and cancelling the Greenway

She's been busy working on her hipster bicycle boutique in Portland.

While you're starting your own outfit in the Philippines:

I've been unmasked!

[The more comprehensive version of the article referenced in the topic post that appeared in the print version of the Inner West Courier - 12 May 2014]


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