In today's Herald (page 30, 27.9.18), City of Sydney advertises a Development Application for works around the (safer) Chapman Road alternative to riding on (unsafe) The Crescent, between White bay and the Rozelle tramsheds.  It's years since I first raised this with Fiona Campbell at City Council.

It appears there's no hard copy of the docs available.

I urge riders to have a look at the DA, and make a submission. Closing date is 26 October 2018.

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I've looked at the DA drawings.  They completely destroy the current, paved, informal route between Chapman Rd North & Chapman Rd South. 

Please email submissions to

mentioning the DA number - D/2016/678/A

For what it's worth, here's the text of my submission - 

SUBMISSION re DA D/2016/678/A - 7 The Crescent, Annandale.

Attention - Rene Hayes.

I OBJECT  to the development as planned.

It completely destroys the current walking and cycling link which directly connects Chapman Rd. North and Chapman Rd. South.  While this current link may be informal, it is fully bitumen paved, and is shorter than the alternative  route along The Crescent.

MOST importantly, the current Chapman Rd. route is much safer for cyclists travelling between White Bay and Sydney University and destinations in between, than either of the forced replacement routes,  via the diversion into Federal Park, or via The Crescent.

Yes, no identified path from North to South Chapman Rd on this new plan, although it may be possible to ride through the skate park. CoS parklands people never fully recognised the need to maintain the Chapman Rd bypass of the narrow section of The Crescent between Johnston St and Nelson St, although they did put in bike logos on Chapman Rd and upgrade kerb ramps. This despite going to several meetings and making submissions etc.

I think CoS wants us to go over Johnston’s Ck on the timber bridge and along the eastern side of the Canal, then up into the Harold Park dev to steep Ross St, whereas it would be easier to go along The Crescent, and there is plenty of room for a shared path past Harold Park. In fact the original access plans for Harold Park dev suggested it as an option but it was dropped. Footpath is quite wide up to Wigram Rd.

Definitely email them, objecting along Nat’s lines.

Thanks Bob.

This closure of an established bike route is simply unacceptable.  The direct link between north and south Chapman Rd. has long been shown on all the reliable maps, including Google, Sydway, and even City of Sydney's own Sydney Cycling guide + Map.  It's the shortest link between the shared paths from Victoria Rd at White Bay and the one along Johnstons Creek.

Submissions to Council please guys.....


Thanks Sir Mark.  Fiona will also follow it up.

More submissions please, guys.......:-)

Mine is in, short but direct.


I've looked hard at the doc and even compared it to Google Earth but I can't make head nor tale of it.


Yes, not easy to decipher, but if you look at the Drawings pdfs you can see where a section of Chapman Rd South (of the viaduct) is being removed, to make room for a skate park extension across Chapman Rd and under the viaduct, into the area just south of the bbq area. 

The skate park was originally to be in the area where Balmain Rentals had their car yard on The Crescent, west of the viaduct, but this variation to the original plan seeks to extend the skate park across Chapman Rd.

To add insult, CoS is also increasing angle car parking on what’s left of Chapman Rd. 

If they wont provide for cyclists through the park we need to hassle RMS to remove car parking on the non residential side of The Crescent between JohnstonSt and Nelson St  and provide a bike path. Plenty of parking in Chapman Rd for the businesses.

Shows up well on Google Maps. 7 Chapman Rd. Even a cyclist in the street view.

Inner West Council has become aware of the bike route being cut and said they were given an extension of time to put in an objection to CoS.

I rang CoS to see what is happening with the DA. Rene Hayes has moved on and Bhavisha Sheth is now dealing with it. The DA hasn’t been finalised yet, waiting on responses from other authorities or some such.  What I didn’t realise is that it is only an amendment to the original DA from 2016 and doesn’t have to go to Council, it just gets approved by a senior planner. We will get a notification when a decision is made. Great!

Bhavisha was aware of our objections but would only say that they would be considered “if relevant” to the DA.

Might have to petition the Mayor or Councillors.

Thanks for keeping us posted Bob....

We shouldn't wait until "a decision is made"!!

More than enough doubt has already been cast on the survival of the Chapman Road bike route!

Letters, emails, NOW, to Clover or the Council General Manager, please!


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