In today's Herald (page 30, 27.9.18), City of Sydney advertises a Development Application for works around the (safer) Chapman Road alternative to riding on (unsafe) The Crescent, between White bay and the Rozelle tramsheds.  It's years since I first raised this with Fiona Campbell at City Council.

It appears there's no hard copy of the docs available.

I urge riders to have a look at the DA, and make a submission. Closing date is 26 October 2018.

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I yesterday received info on the Chapman Road route from City Council's Fiona Campbell.

Summarised, the Chapman Road Annandale bike route will be retained.  However, because the parkland is being extended west, through the viaduct arches, to The Crescent, and the kids playground areas need to be safely separated from the bike route, the FINAL bike route will be very slightly longer than at present.

During construction, the bike route will be considerably longer, but that will only be temporary.

Longer term, who knows what will happen when the WestConnex interchange gets under way!

I tried to upload Fiona's information to this site but the file was too big so permission was refused.

I can forward Fiona's material to you if you request it to me at









In a notice to me from City of Sydney dated 18.4.19, the "Application" has been approved by City of Sydney. The attached documents are of 9 pages and 24 pages. I confess to being a bit bewildered. To start with, the plan of the "site" referred to in the documents does not include the land occupied by the present cycle route. Elswhere, it is stated that "changes to the cycle path do not form part of the subject modification application". Maybe there is more than one Development Application, or maybe the new documents only apply to the "modification". Who knows.....


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