I haven't been online here in a long time, but yesterday I had a brain wave (or a brain fart) that I thought ought to be shared somewhere.

It involves the old White Bay container terminal, CBD traffic congestion, and light rail.

My passing thought was to ban private vehicles from the CBD, and turn White Bay into a humungous car park and light rail interchange. Traffic across the Anzac Bridge could then be restricted to buses, light rail, taxis, bona fide commercial vehicles and Harbour Bridge/City Tunnel traffic.

It's not a utopian concept because it would still involve people driving as far as White Bay. However it would at least oblige many thousands of people to get out of their cars for ar least part of the trip. Perhaps it would be inconvenient enough to cause a great many people to question the point of driving that far.

Just my $0.02.

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Yes - i think the idea of bike cages at suburban train stations is a good way to go - maybe even the microchipped card to lock you bike in the cage - can be used to get on the train.  And to finish it off if they start doing bike hire in Sydney - the card can also be used on hiring a share bike.

Ive been looking with interest of how they do the bike cages in Melbourne - http://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/bikes-and-riding/93691/

New bridge in Rotterdam over the Rhine, could be a model for a replacement Glebe Island Bridge.

from http://bicycledutch.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/pedestrian-and-bicycle...

Rijnhavenbrug opened

Some sort of replacement for the Glebe Island Bridge is needed - or fix it up or something.

I think it still works but is left open to allow unfettered "total maritime freedom" (similar to the policy of total pedestrian freedom on PB). Cyclists, as usual, can f#$& off.

Perhaps, one day, there will be detection loops installed on the road either side of the bridge and cyclists who can trip them will get six seconds to cross the bridge before it opens again while any stragglers either fall into the water or will need to wait until another cyclist arrives and manages to trigger the works again. We can't expect much more, can we? ;-)

too expensive to maintain and run as an opening/shutting  bridge, so they have just left it in the fixed position. Money they saved on demolition costs was put into a fund to just leave it mothballed, with basic maintenance, I believe, and as spare parts for Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Money has probably run out by now, dunno.

now the hammerhead crane is being demolished at Garden Island, maybe there is a precedent to demolish this bridge.

Warren Salomon used to say they should put a lightweight opening bridge over the top of the old structure just for peds and cycs, hence my interest in the Rotterdam bridge. It doesnt look particularly light though.


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