Who is for and who is against lower speed limits in Sydney?

I hear on the ABC yesterday afternoon about a proposal by NSW state gov for 40kph limits in numerous areas, particularly ones with more pedestrians. I thought it would be front page news but have not seen it in SMH or ABC online. Searching on google now I see the Daily Mail reporting that Labour is bagging it out . I'm hoping this is just bad reporting. Anyone know more?

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I would take on board the actual quotes.

NSW Labour does seem to have positioned itself for the 'poor' motorist hence I would expect them to oppose anything that hurts their precious pockets. Based on my local MP's 'tude to GWH changes, Labour seem keen on promoting the misuse of urban traffic sewers as motorways too

So, not a fact, but I do see them as seeking the entitled car user's vote. They will be after constituencies in Western Sydney held by very unpopular LIB members for sure. Voters sore about new tolls.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. NSW incumbent party says it will consult with councils, which is interesting because to date NSW RMS has done much to frustrate councils wanting to make RMS managed roads safer. I sense a case of govvie needing to do unpopular things while deflecting unpopularity upon councils.

The announcement so far seems a bit woolly. I wonder if we'll end up with many shopping strips with 40 zones, or few. The political acceptability of the changes will determine a lot I am quite sure. My guess is in the end 40 zones will be linked up, and we are therefore on a rather slow but almost sure path to 40 becoming the new default in urban areas.

Anybody who may be "against" the lower speed limits will simply ignore them, as they do any speed limit.


I'll guess that enough drivers will obey in order to reduce general traffic (consensus) speed, at the same time the asshats will still go nuts if they find a break in traffic to exploit.

I am finding this in and near the Sydney 40 zone, also more drivers likely to be content with my 30 for a little while. Then again the odd dickhead will weave through gaps as fast as they can.

In my discussions with my ALP MP she has said that there are just as many cycling haters in the ALP as there are in the COALition. Fills you full of warm fuzzies doesn't it!

You remind me of when Julia Gillard stated "The ALP is not a progressive party. It is a Labour party".

Haha, true.

most members of the labor party wouldn't have the slightest clue what actual labour is.

Let's face it, there is no difference between Libs, Labour, Greens, Nationals. They are all corrupt, especially in NSW, and they all take money from the same people. What name do you want to represent the faceless overlords?

"path to 40 becoming the new default in urban areas."

I remember 25 mph being the default in urban areas in the 50's. That's pretty much 40kph. IIRC the speed was increased because of the "improvement in car brakes".

Interesting factoid.

This will stir the shock jocks and tin pushers. Lower speeds and slower traffic lights! 

It will. A 'feature' I really hate is cycles which skip greens for pedestrians. Most will give up and cross regardless.

Majors Bay Rd in Concord was recently changed to 40.

No great change, as it has 2 crossings and lights so traffic was prob already only ever doing 40.

No great ped issues as they put a fence down the middle a few yrs back to stop the wandering sheep.


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