Who is for and who is against lower speed limits in Sydney?

I hear on the ABC yesterday afternoon about a proposal by NSW state gov for 40kph limits in numerous areas, particularly ones with more pedestrians. I thought it would be front page news but have not seen it in SMH or ABC online. Searching on google now I see the Daily Mail reporting that Labour is bagging it out . I'm hoping this is just bad reporting. Anyone know more?

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Majors Bay Rd in Concord was recently changed to 40.

No great change, as it has 2 crossings and lights so traffic was prob already only ever doing 40.

No great ped issues as they put a fence down the middle a few yrs back to stop the wandering sheep.

We need it.

Too many cars zooming around too close to too many people who aren't paying that much attention.

I'd like to see the streets immediately around train stations and shopping areas cobbled and made into mixed traffic areas - like in many European town centres - this would enforce a crawling speed around the most public areas.

The European town centres are very nice but the cobbles themselves can be hazardous. I have come off doing a low-speed U-turn.

Safer for everybody else but you eh? ;-)

Not really just for me. A lot of cobbles are about the size of a small plate, smooth and curved so when wet are really slippery.

According to this video all you need is the right saddle


planned and build before the car.  We suffer in some ways by being new comers

Offs should not be such a biggie.

Maybe sooner than we thought: signs up on highway through the mountains advising new speed limits from today.

Not that I saw any.

Sadly, I doubt they will put 40km/h on the highway through the mountains townships. Nonetheless I hope they do.

Traffic is backing up on the highway too at peak times, where drivers leave highway for fuel, Wenty Falls or Winmallee / Yellow Rock.

Seems that even in enlightened Europe ? (France) the saving of 300 - 400 lives EVERY YEAR by reducing rural secondary road speed limits from 90 to 80 is for some people (70% actually) not worthwhile as it "will complicate their daily lives" Amazing & unbelievable !


It should save emissions too.

I notice some countries with much higher rural limits (eg. Germany) are also much lower on the fatality rate chart.

Presumably better driving standards achieve this: something AU could achieve without spending a motza on road improvement.


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