Who is for and who is against lower speed limits in Sydney?

I hear on the ABC yesterday afternoon about a proposal by NSW state gov for 40kph limits in numerous areas, particularly ones with more pedestrians. I thought it would be front page news but have not seen it in SMH or ABC online. Searching on google now I see the Daily Mail reporting that Labour is bagging it out . I'm hoping this is just bad reporting. Anyone know more?

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Fewer zones - and the zones need to be coloured or some such consistent continuous marks so you know what the max limit is.

People also need training about speed.

Part of the driving test should involve standing in the middle of the road whilst a professional driver drives just past you at speeds between 30 and 100 km/hour - and you have to guess the speed to within 10% accuracy.


I agree, a flat 30km/h in metro Sydney *everywhere* ;-)

If you want the idiots to do 40 then set the limits to 30. I lived in Brighton, UK when they lowered the limits to 20mph, everyone complained, the police even refused to police it, claiming lack of resources, but everyone still kept well below 30mph.


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