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There is a confusing intersection on my commute through Penshurst. I usually ride southbound  along Penshurst St then turn left on to Bridge st. My question is for vehicles travelling south bound on Penshurst st (either turning left or going straight ahead then right) do they have to give way to vehicles heading from west to east on Bridge st. The street names stay the same but the line markings are ambiguous and give the impression that Penshurst and Bridge street (west) are a natural continuation. Cars turning across the southern end of Penshurst street from Bridge street (west) to Bridge street (east) usually give way (and indicate) to cars going from Penshurst st to the western side of Bridge st (these cars never indicate) and I assumed this to be the case.....but looking at this map I am no longer sure. I don't need to know for sure as I did not have an accident or anything like that but I am glad I know that this intersection can be interpreted in different ways and will ride accordingly. 


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This link has a few sections that I have cut and pasted below.   http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/safety-rules/road-rules/intersectio...

 It look like that headed west on bridge st cars need to give way (at the give way lines) but heading east they don't. I find the lack of symmetry confusing here, in particular because I rarely head west to east on this road so only see it from one side. 

"At T intersections the vehicle travelling on the road that ends must give way to any pedestrians crossing or vehicles travelling on the road that continues unless otherwise signposted."


"‘GIVE WAY’ lines (broken line) are used at intersections to control traffic. When you come to a GIVE WAY sign you must slow down and prepare to stop if necessary."

My assessment...

Looking at street view of the intersection, there are give way signs on Bridge street (heading west towards the station) as well as on Penthust lane. As such, primary traffic flow is for Penthurst street to the Bridge street rail overpass.

Traffic turning right from Penthurst street into Penthurst Ln should indicate right and give way to traffic coming off the bridge and heading down Penthurst street or turning left into Penthurst Ln.

Traffic coming off the Bridge street overpass and turning right onto Bridge street should indicate right and give way to traffic coming off Penthurst street either going straight (onto the bridge street overpass) or turning left into bridge street.

Traffic heading along Bridge street (heading west towards penthurst street) and traffic exiting penthurst lane should consider it a standard + intersection and giveaway to traffic as required.

Thanks Peter, this was how I had interpreted this (and most drivers seem to too) but yesterday when someone came east bound through bridge street and turned right in front of me I got a bit of a shock. Looking at maps and street view I realized that eastbound on Bridge there are no give way signs and from that perspective it could seem logical to continue on bridge st (without indicating) and that Penshurst St is a side street that should give way to eastbound traffic on Bridge St. Regardless of what the rules are i'll just be careful in this location.


Street names have nothing to do with it

I guess this is the crux of it. I remember when learning to drive 20 odd years ago being told technically I had to indicate when the street  changed names (ie do it in the exam and never again). If it was based on street names this would make it really hard to pick up when driving as you only have a few seconds  and have to look at more important things than street signs.

If it could confuse some then perhaps report it to the council who can make the necessary safety changes


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