OK, so I get 'each to their own' and all that, but ...

What's the story with the guy who I've seen on more than a few occasions walking across the Anzac bridge, westbound, at around 8am-ish.

He always wears a beanie type hat, even in mid summer, and carries what looks like a toilet brush, held up in 'tour guide' mode in front of him. And this morning he had an egg whisk (or something similar) hanging from the bottom of the toilet brush.

Can anyone explain?

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Hey, you should have introduced yourself - maybe tomorrow then?

I saw him the other day handing out business cards, and from the bits of conversation I overheard I think it was some kind of new-agey weirdness. Harmless nutter. 

In very much the same way as the old phrase "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it." I was originally going to say that "If you had to ask for an explanation, you'll never understand it" when you posed this question.

However, after seeing who I can only assume is the same person while I was on the bus in Enmore this morning I can now offer an explanation which is attributable to many strange behaviors (particularly in the Inner West) and that explanation is: "He's probably from Newtown."

Yes, that's him.

I'm an 'out-of-towner' so didn't initially make the connection - but now that you mention it, of course that must be the reason!

Bit out of his patch patrolling the Anzac Bridge though.

I don't take public transport often, but when I do (usually Family Funday Sunday), and without fail, a Newtown eccentric will introduce themselves to me. Interestingly, they always let me know one way or another that they live in Newtown.

Is there a reason for this Newtown association?

you  look as if you come from newtown?

It's not perfect but Newtown often feels like a last beacon of acceptance in an increasingly intolerant city. Even the firies are accepting, even of occasional large unauthorised mammals:

Eccentric orbits explained by Newtownian physics?


Every hipster has an equal and opposite hippet?

I came from Newtown!

so whats his story of crazy behavior ?

Some other Sydney eccentrics


Maybe he is a follower of Madam Blvatsky, who invented Theosophy after tiring of life as a concert pianist and bare back rider. Toilet brush and whisk is some sort of force field detector or shield.


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