Okay so my big mouth got me in trouble.... again.


Royal National Park? Sweet as boys yeah, yeah climbs no problems!


Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


My two ride partners simply rode away from me up the climbs. I stick with them for as long as i can but they just seem to be able to keep a higher cadence and i can't match them. Ineveitably despite my battling they gradually recede off into the sunset (Figuratively speaking).


I am a reasonably fit guy, i can get along at a fair clip but i DIE hill climbing. Its a slow transition down the gear train till i hit bottom then grind grind grind, HR goes up, i struggle to try and control my breathing and the nett result is i am absolutely flogged by the time i get to the top (today's effort, Sir Bertrand Stevens Drive to the Garie beach turn off and back up McKee to Waterfall station).


What really galls me is that once i get on level stretches or even undulating bits i'm fine. its just the climbing.


Any suggestions (Besides Get fitter, lose weight and ride more hills)?

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Find some new guys to ride with. Ask the guys who you pass up the hills what they're doing next weekend. ;-)
Part of my problem SUS, I passed NO-ONE! A brown snake passed me in the leaf litter off to the side.

What gearing was the brown snake using? ;-)


Seriously, a couple of points in addition to what the others have said, because I'm in the same camp as you when it comes to climbing:

- the best way to get better at riding hills is to... ride hills. Try and find some that aren't so steep that you have to resort to out-of-the-saddle grinding, but can spin a steady cadence even if only at 12-15kmph. Something around 5% gradient is pretty good, and the Turramurra side of Bobbo, east side of Galston and east side of Berowra Waters are great for this - but I'm guessing since you ride RNP not particularly convenient? Might be worth a try one day though, you could give the three of four gorges ride (depending on whether you repeat Bobbo on the way back) a go.

- ask your mates if they can ease up a bit and pace you up the hills. I find I can ride up hills a lot faster if I've got someone with me who is just a touch quicker than I am. If there is no one with you then you tend to ease right off and not push it. If you've got a HRM try and sit around 90% max HR.

Problem was the little bugger was all scale drive and i've only got two legs.

You do look a little like Bear Grylls.


I'll look at these SUS, i know the territory out that way and really i don't give a rats about where as long as the riding is helping me build better technique and skills. I'm based in the inner west, if i have to hoof it further afield then i shall do so.

Hey ubu i found a ride partner i can stick with!

Does he need an H word in my living room??? I'm sure he'll don one for a ride.

+1 for what Paul says.


I know from personal experience  - the only way is to lose weight, get fitter and climb more hills (in that order).



I'm riding a shop standard Giant OCR Zero which is a few years old. Front is 39-53, cassette is 25-12. This is not completely dissimilar to what my friends are riding.


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