Looks like Mark Bosnich got off with a good behaviour bond and no conviction. I am going to ask if this is sending a message to us and to the "motoring public". The Terror did make mention of the person riding the bike being over the limit weeks ago and seemed to hide the article. It looks like they have confirmed that the rider was over the influence. 

The mention of the rider being over the influence makes me wonder what would have happined if he hit a drunk pedestrian? The thing is should we expect better form the prosecutor who withdrew "accusations he had behaved in a “furious” or “dangerous” manner." Should we expect more from the magistrate who found that driving at someone and deliberately causing them injury is  “the lower end of culpability”.

Is the good behaviour bond an adequet sentence?

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assault with a deadly weapon, how its only 'reckless driving' is beyond me

this criminal still has a licence ?


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