Simple question. Any answers?


I'm contemplating the shift to clipless, looking at getting some SPD/platform pedals so I have the choice between normal shoes or cleats.


It seems like everything looks massive and clunky or has ridiculous colours and patterns.


My current pair of shoes are these:


Why doesn't someone make an SPD version of that?

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I've got a pair of single sided (you can borrow).  But I have to tell you, the double sided ones are so much easier to get along with.  That's why the single sided ones have been put aside. 

The dedicated road shoe pedals are mostly single sided, but they are weighted to always swing to a known position.  Thus, you get used to a consistent foot action to clip in. (Without looking).  In contrast, the a530 spd's are randomly positioned and when setting off, you have to look down to see whether it is the clip side which is uppermost.

Wow. I never knew there was any contentiousness about cycling "attached" vs "free".
(and by the way the concept of "clipless" pedals when you are said to "clip in" to them .... weird. I know the history but it's arse-about.)
I strongly suggest most riders will feel more comfortable doing something long, or fast, or racey, while "attached". 
I strongly suggest most riders will feel more comfortable doing something long, or fast, or racey, while "attached". 
'cept crashing ;-)

At this point, I'm favouring the versatility to use non-cycling shoes with the same set of pedals over the hassle of needing to check that my pedals are around the right way.

I think I am correct in saying all the double sided SPD's include a platform which can be clipped in to effectively make them the same as single sided.  Versatility plus!

Up to you Rob, but I couldn't get along with the single sided.  And you are welcome to borrow them and see whether you can disagree.

Most of my bikes have the "one side SPDs + other side platform" - A530 on my commuter, and M324(or compatible) on the other bikes.

How about these?

aesthetically better for my tastes... but i like thongs at this time of year

A lot better, thanks! Though seeing them on the Sable and Argent website suggests I will be paying a pretty penny for the priviledge.

what exactly is your definition of ugly may I ask? I think road bike cycling cleated shoes look great. I'm sure your definition of 'ugly' cannot beat my shoes that I wear for cycling - as shown in photo. It is probably the biggest embarrassment to all cyclists out there, but that is what I'm putting up with when I ride with caged pedals until I have the finance to get cleated shoes, the pedals and a road bike to fit it onto.

But at least you're staying true to the sentiments of your poster boy. :-)

totallaaaay! Too fast to live, too young to die.


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