Simple question. Any answers?


I'm contemplating the shift to clipless, looking at getting some SPD/platform pedals so I have the choice between normal shoes or cleats.


It seems like everything looks massive and clunky or has ridiculous colours and patterns.


My current pair of shoes are these:


Why doesn't someone make an SPD version of that?

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Just use Power Grips - all the benefits of clipless, but you can wear whatever shoes you like.


If you are not a 41 or 42, you might get one of these.


....and 'ugly' is such a politically incorrect term.

They're not so much ugly as incredibly dorky. For the sporty grandpa...

HEY! I ordered a pair just last week.

Or.... do you know something that my kid has done that he hasn't told me about?

They are dorky. And I'm a size 42 anyway.

You know you are old when you think: "Hey, those are good looking shoes."

Actually they look just like the ASICS walking shoes I bought a couple of months ago. Very comfy too.

This is what I`ve been trying to buy over the last 2.5mths ago but they got no size 46.Buggered about it.But I got a spare SM-51 cleats from them for my other MTB shoes.

Why are cycling shoes all so ugly you ask... It's a vanity test. Maybe you are too vain to be real cyclist... :). Seriously though, to anybody other than cyclists you are a {bloody poofta,menace,lycra lout} anyway and real cyclists don't give a damn. So, really, who cares?


FWIW, I've got both of these, mtb for commuting and road for roadies:


Both are good (well, they are both basically the same shoes). Cheap, light and fit me well. The sizing seems to be more or less the same as shimano, maybe a little less wide (just sayin'. How you choose to use this information is up to you).


The second one you posted was actually the one I have liked the best in my searches this evening.

The can use SPD (i.e. MTB) cleats on the road shoes, but they are not inset so you cannot really walk around on them in the way you would expect to be able to with MTB shoes.

No, just the regular platforms that came with my Fuji Touring - would there be a significant difference?


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