Simple question. Any answers?


I'm contemplating the shift to clipless, looking at getting some SPD/platform pedals so I have the choice between normal shoes or cleats.


It seems like everything looks massive and clunky or has ridiculous colours and patterns.


My current pair of shoes are these:


Why doesn't someone make an SPD version of that?

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Go Island styles Rob, Polynesian cycling footwear is comfortable and functional.

Not quite sure where you attach the cleats though, may have to get back to you on that bro…..

Will, I tried and failed, as Jason noted double plugs would have been the go.

But, this may help...Rob the shoes are one thing but finding one pair which you can ride in all types of weather that wont stink is the hard part.

For what it is worth I would think around Time ATAC pedals, simple things that work well.

Gee I only learned of "ankling" a couple of weeks ago and now I learn it's the scourge of secured cyclists globally.
I treat every ride as a race. Does that count O wise vegetable?

exception for all MTB and those who enter organised races



Why so ugly?

To distract you from the facts (Rivendell Cycles article)


You will fall when you start with them...usually about 3 times. (ask anyone who uses clip-ins) Hopefully you will survive the falls. I did.


I still use clip ins and spec shoes to race.

I was initially thinking about maybe just adding a toe clip and strap or some power grips or something like that because I would much prefer to just ride in regular shoes, but riding 200km a few weeks back on platforms with my most comfortable sneakers made the balls of my feet so ridiculously hot that it seems like a change in pedal and shoe might help on longer brevets, while my usual day to day stuff would be in my regular shoes.


I've read plenty from both sides of the clipless pedal argument,so while I'm not expecting miraculous power gains from upstrokes or anything like that, I do get the sense that there still would be some benefit to me on longer rides.

Unsourced article full of anecdote from a vanity velo-vendor.


this is written for non-racers, and for riders who don't ride race-like.


Are clipless pedals suddenly going to become less efficient because of the sort of rider someone is? If the whole point of the article is that he believes that clipless pedals are no more efficient than flat pedals (which might well be, but I'd like to see the studies first. The evidence I see says otherwise) then why make this exclusion in the first place?



I do think that this debate has basically been unhelpfully polarised by both proponents and detractors who have both bunkered down in there respective positions, leaving the the truth in no-man's land somewhere in the middle. Ive read similar stuff on other sites against clipless, I've read the opposite side too, and I think the only real way I'm going to find out is to just try for myself and see what is comfortable for me (and hedge my bets by getting pedals that can be both).

high cadence might be be better off with something that holds your feet on the pedal but are you going to ride high cadence for 10 hours?  I rode locked into pedals 20 years ago when I could average over 35kmph for several hours of riding.  No way I can do that anymore, locked in or not.

Well, If I'm going to do something like Fitz's Epic or the ACE, I suppose that I may well be looking to ride at a high cadence for that amount of time... It looks like the cost of conversion will cost $150-$250 depending on exactly which pedals and shoes I get, so I can probably afford to experiment for that much. - $37.67 - $62.32

$10 off with AUS10 code 

TOTAL $89.99


It's what I use on my commuter. No worries doing shopping, commuting or long rides. Pub/restaurant/parties... getawayablewith. Would not want to go bush walking in them, but they are cycling shoes not hiking shoes.

Add a for $7.46 to remove your old pedals. The one above use a 5mm or 6mm (can't remember which off the top of my head) hex key to install.

I was going to go with something like to keep my options open for shorter rides, and I don't mind paying a little extra at my LBS when they have things in stock themselves.


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