Simple question. Any answers?


I'm contemplating the shift to clipless, looking at getting some SPD/platform pedals so I have the choice between normal shoes or cleats.


It seems like everything looks massive and clunky or has ridiculous colours and patterns.


My current pair of shoes are these:


Why doesn't someone make an SPD version of that?

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But does the cleat fit within the sole, or protrude from it?  The other styles on this website clearly have the cleat tucked away nicely within the sole so that you can walk normally.  Not so sure about this particular style.

Reasonable price.  Has anyone brought some?  How do they compare with cycling shoes to ride in?

Chrome shoes! I covet. 

I'll need somthing better than what I rode in on the Yarramalong ride, $25 soft soled Rivers shoes and pedal cages had my feet bent like bananas and my big toes are still heavily bruised.

I ride the same shoes daily on my Big Dummy which has massive pedals, the ball of my foot falls perfectly over the pedal spindle and my feet don't go banana because the pedals are so massive.  No painful feet or toes.

So I might fit MKS Grip Kings instead for the long rides and see how that feels.  I'll also get my pedal/seat/handlebar in similiar positions.  Not exactly road bike style :o|


Oh, and on the Big Dummy my up going foot often lifts off the pedal, pedal is so big that on the down stroke I'm firmly planted to it again.

MKS Grip Kings with Power Grips is my combo - super comfy, very secure, yet easy in and out.

What about Chrome shoes they are non clown like - and tehse are theones I have for day to day wear

Chrome shoes claims it is bombproof.Would you really try to test if is true to it`s name by stepping on unexploded bomb. ;) must really be suffering, what with me wearing Keen sandals for commuting now :P


This was my way of indirectly letting you know :P

Are they the SPD Keens?

Nope, just standard keen dorkiness. 

Italian Cycling Shoes

I want these :-)


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