Simple question. Any answers?


I'm contemplating the shift to clipless, looking at getting some SPD/platform pedals so I have the choice between normal shoes or cleats.


It seems like everything looks massive and clunky or has ridiculous colours and patterns.


My current pair of shoes are these:


Why doesn't someone make an SPD version of that?

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I'm really disappointed that Jelly Beans doesn't make cycling shoes ... then one could change the word ugly to ... well there wouldn't be a word for it?

Recently, I changed from SPDs to SPD/platforms and it feels like cycling comfort has been re-invented. I considered changing to SPD/platforms a while back ... and I wish that I had. Better late than never. Now that I know that I like the new pedals, I might upgrade to something smarter.


Look after a couple of fetishes at once, perhaps?....?

Why call those cycling shoes ugly?

Go on,have a lots of alcohol drinks and you won`t call them ugly. ;-)


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