Why Are Motorists Trying To Kill Cyclists......Is It Legal?

Last Friday cycling along Brodie St Rydalmere a van overtakes me and turns left in front of me causing me to brake hard. I had my tail light flashing & my helmet rear light flashing. The van driver stopped 10 metres after the turn. Probably saved 3 seconds to almost kill me. Then most of the vehicles leaving the Rheem factory travel on the wrong side of the road to get me head on. Maybe I need front & rear cameras to travel that 500 metres. Does anyone understand this behaviour? Should drivers licences require a sanity test?

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Here it is from the horse's mouth


This may provide some part of the answer to your question, maybe.


Why is it that, when people write Derrin's nick name my hindbrain re-arranges it to "The human Headlouse".

Hi Henning, I had a thought on proactively protecting my life from these killers that approach from our rear but not sure if it would be legal.

My front facing Airzound  has not been used in anger so far but when I see a van driver double parked on the road I give a short blast that just might stop an opening door.

When I see the fast close vehicles in the rear mirror just maybe a blast from a rear facing Airzound might make them realise we can actually see the potential hazard they are creating. As opposed to a video footage which is only useful after a potential event, it may be a proactive deterrent.

Apart from the noise that I would suffer, what are your and others thoughts?  

rapid supper glue dispenser? If only we could glue them to the road...

I don't see why that would be illegal. If you take enough panels of my car, I have one horn facing forwards, and one facing back. That is the way it was designed.

Back off the serious - Perhaps you could add an impulse rocket to the back of your bike - long flames might deter them, and give you a boost. As it is an impulse rocket, it isn't for continuous power output, so gets around the power limits.

"supper glue"

For food that sticks to your ribs?  :-)

I've borrowed a bike with an ?Airzound (not sure if same brand). I did manage to surprise some drivers. One guy who pulled out in front of me through a stop sign got a protracted blast. He decided to stop his car, get out and to confront me. For some reason, he changed his mind just prior to "impact" and got back in his car and sped off.

It may be a good idea if used with care. Good suggestion.


A couple of police forces in the UK have taken to 'outing' drivers on social media.


At this stage, the practice is to tweet those busted for drink/drug drive. I can see the scope widening if the tactic is effective. The objective is to dissuade those who think they are above the law.

Not a bad idea I think.




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