When riding around in the rain in the last few days I have seen heaps of pedestrians walking around Newtown and the city soaked to the skin, with no raincoats or umbrellas. I felt pretty sorry for them, especially the people pushing strollers, but how can they go out expecting to stay dry when (1) it has been raining for a few days now and (2) all the forecasts are for the rain to continue.

My wife's theory is that the people I see are so conditioned to driving their cars from one garage to another that when they have to walk somewhere they totally lack any skills in dealing with the weather. I think she may be right.

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Or maybe some people just aren't fussed about getting wet. As they say in Dutch 'you're not made of sugar'

I've spent every second of the last 15 hours battling my OCD on this... must.... resist ... arghhhhh !!!!

...surely , they say this in Holland; : "You're not made of sugar"

or, as they say in Dutch : "u bent niet gemaakt van suiker"

...now we can all get some sleep ...  :)

It is only really annoying when people insist on sprinting suddenly across roads or explode out of their parked car. - all to avoid a few drops of rain.

I still prefer that to the people who insist on stopping at the end of the covered stairs at Rhodes train station to contemplate the rain and mentally prepare themselves for a soaking. Meanwhile a few hundred people are banking up behind them.

Humans are fascinating.


Its not really raining that hard, I dont usually have a brolly unless its bucketing. I like the sugar comment.

They may, like me, believe that a jacket and umbrella aren't perfect protection anyway, and as I did this morning, probably got just as wet getting the brolly up as I would have done if I hadn't bothered with it (it didn't help it decided to invert itself).

Maybe a different story when it's cold and wet, but once you're wet you're wet, and depending on where you're going and what you're doing, it's not such a big deal to dry off. If it was 2° I might feel differently. I remember riding to work back in Christchurch in the middle of winter; it was about a 2km journey, rugging up against the cold rather than the wet because you got wet anyway and then just changed trousers when you got there and hung the wet ones over the radiator heater so they were ready to get wet again on the way home.

You had a radiator heater? Luxury!

I didn't say it worked!

(it didn't help it decided to invert itself).

umbrellas are Dangerous to millions

See: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/36197580/finally-the-worlds-fi...

Funny, I was thinking that this morning as we were walking down the narrow footpath to school - there was a woman coming towards me with an umbrella large enough to have had its own postcode. Certainly if it got caught in a breeze and drifted off the south-western corner of Australia you'd find it on radar or satellite quicker than 19 days.

My skin is waterproof.

If I wear a raincoat I get soaked with perspiration in Sydney.  I prefer fresh water.  I don't own a car.

Cycling I only bring out the rain jacket if it is cold.

Agree. I'd rather be wet from rain than wear a sweaty waterproof raincoat. However, I have a dryazabone which is "water resistant" more than waterproof and so breaths ... Not so sweaty ... Actually quite cooling when damp and cool air flows through it

It is every Sydney-dweller's incontrovertible, legally gazetted right to experience ideal tourist weather every day: warm, dry, sunny, a slight sea breeze. Any deviation from this triggers outrage, denial and chaos. On rainy days drivers will speed up and peds will rush unprepared from awning to awning. There will be flooded roads because none of the drains are built for regular downpours. All trains will run late due to a raindrop on the track. In winter people will keep wearing thongs and add either 15 t shirts or 5 cotton hoodies rather than one wool jumper. Conversely, on 1 March someone will wear a padded jacket and knee boots just in case. In all cases people will complain that someone should do something about the weather and find someone to blame. Having grown up with horizontal rain and washing that froze solid on the line I find all of this endlessly amusing, and I'd still rather ride my bike in the rain than drive or take the train in the rain.


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