Why don't people transport a bike strapped flat to a car roof racks ?

Just wondering why people who have only 1 bike to transport don't just strap the bike flat to the car roof racks

Maybe not perfect for flat bars but with a standard 42-44cm curved road bars, I would have thought that would be a great idea to avoid the dreaded driving into a car park barrier.

Thoughts? Legality issues? Pictures?

PS: partially inspired by concept in this video


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I like the storage idea, though you would have to be careful in making sure its attached to a beam.

Flat would need to be high enough to clear the handlebars from the roof of the car, though that height could be slightly mitigated by putting the front wheel on an angle.  I suspect that the overall height would still exceed 1.8M on most vehicles negating the benefit. 

However there's still the possibility of placing it horizontally across the boot on sedans but perhaps a better way to implement the idea on the roof would be to remove the front wheel and turn the handlebars

1.8m ? I was thinking 2m or whatever MacDonalds drive thru limit is

1.8 is the max for some shopping centre car parks

1.8m must be pretty rare?  it would take the roof off a 'factory standard' Prados at 1845mm

that's ok, the prado driver would just park in one of  the disabled spots, which are supposed to have 2.5 M clearance I think.

ha ha - I saw a Prado, with roof rack loaded only very slightly above its top rails, get wedged under the sprinkler system in the Broadway car park.

A pedal might need removing, or something to raise the bike a bit so pedal won't scratch the roof. And it is a bit awkward loading and strapping the beasts down. Have done it this way and nothing really wrong with it. Even have a large wire tray that will fit a bike, but then you have to fasten that securely to the roof rack. Rather just hop on a train if going somewhere.

Erm, good point, I didn't think about the pedals

Well the answer is that people do transport bike strapped flat

For the basket version I saw kids bikes (plus other stuff!) but didn't see adults bikes 

Just a theory...

Could it be due to the fact that when a bike is placed standing on the roof racks, the load bearing points of the frame would be the same is if the bike was ridden - those being where the axles are secured. Now if the bike was further secured with a strap over the seat and on the pedals, the forces would fairly accurately mimic those forces that the frame was designed to take.

If the bike is strapped while lying down, this could introduce a lateral bending force across the frame and could cause damage.

Strapping down also akin to waterboarding. But some bikes deserve it.

The "Rules" are largely silent on this point with only a passing  mention being in Rule 95

Rule #95 // Never lift your bike over your head.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to raise one’s machine above your head. The only exception is when placing it onto a car’s roof-rack.

This thought would seem to imply a vertical rather than horizontal placement of the bike and would be consistent with observing the proper dignity and respect for the bike, praised be its name.


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