In today’s world you don’t have to look far to see an overweight or obese person around. They might be eating chips in front of television without any regular exercise right now. Australia is now ranked the 6th most obese country in the world, in which 21.7% of the population is considered obese.


Obesity causes many serious health issues and diseases which can lead to death if not treated. People become obese for many reasons, some because of their diet, their life style and lack of exercise. Obesity can easily bring depression to people’s lives because they won’t love themselves. They need regular exercises and healthy diets to prevent obesity in which riding a bike help provide


When compared to other countries which have cycling as a public transport such as Japan, Netherland, Belgium and Spain, they have a lower percentages of obesity. Australia can reduce the number of obesity and help its citizens become healthier by introducing such a system as these


Although cycling is not a common transport choice in Sydney, cycling as public transport has many benefits not only health reasons, but also protecting environment which is including sustainability and health motivations as travel mode. Cycling will save people having to spend money to fill up their car’s thus reducing the carbon footprint in Australia also.

Although using a car is reasonable for long distances, bicycling is a great way to move from one place to another for short distances. When it compare between car and bicycle, bicycle is better for health, saving money and decreasing pollution compared to using a car. 


However, for long distances, using a car is acceptable for time consumption and efficiency. If they are really busy in the morning, they would take their own car rather than bicycle. However, for short
distances, riding bicycle help lower fuel consumption that can save people money.

People should consider riding a bike to work as generally they will get to work faster due to peak hour traffic jams which has experienced in all Australian cities but in particular Sydney. When you compare
walking and bicycle riding, both bicycles riding and walking is good for your health, saving money and helping the environment, but bicycle riding can reduce their trip time by a greater amount over walking.


According to research, when you compare between the three different modes of transport which is walking, bicycle riding and car for travel time verses distance travelled, indeed, bicycle is faster within 5km than car. That means bicycle is faster for short distance than car and any other transport.


In terms of traffic, using a car is faster for long distances than any other transport, but cycling is faster than a car for short distances because cycling does not have traffic jam. During traffic hour, sometimes walking is faster than driving car because, especially, Sydney has really bad traffic jam. Cycling will be the best option for travelling for short distances.   

People who is living in out of city, they could have short trip near their place. They could ride a bicycle not only to go to train station to go work but also to go to supermarket. Bicycle riding can enhance
communication with their neighbourhood and help transform an area into a beautiful friendly environment for people to ride around. When people drive a car, it is easy to miss many things to see near their places.

However, when they travel near their places, they can find many attractive things near their places. Nowadays, people don’t know who is living at the next door because they
are always so busy. Riding a bicycle near you will help to know each other and
make new friends. It will enhance communities to be pro –active towards the
environment by keeping the environment cleaner around the community simply
because there will be less car traffic. 

Also it will enhance communities to be designed to encourage alternative transport modes which is walking and cycling, and it will appear to encourage people to live closer to community facilities and interact more with each other which would improve social capital and reduce social isolation. Besides if they replace using a car for short distances with cycling it can help local communities bring more goods and better services to encourage people buy things which is benefits locally also.


If people use cycling as transport within neighbourhood, it will reduce vehicle speed in the area which leads an increase of safety in the local area. It may encourage more visitors and attract sustainable new business and jobs.

Therefore cycling is a great mode of transport for short distances to reduce their travelling time, make healthier, improve environment, save their money and make sustainable local communities.



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Yup preaching to the converted but I love these reports, they confirm what I already hold to be true. Love it but when will the non cyclists embrace this ?
All I need to justify my cycling is when I do take my motorcycle to work my travel times almost double in peak hour.


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